Protect Your Office from Criminal Elements with CCTV Camera

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Criminal elements are lurking at every corner. They are present both inside and outside your business. These people are waiting for the moment when your security is down to indulge in criminal activities. Theft is one of the most common crimes in most countries and Singapore is no exception. Thefts are both planned and opportunistic. Planned thefts happen when the criminals have studied a place and its security arrangements. Opportunistic pilfering happens when they find that you are not watching. These are not planned, but they seize the opportunity to steal something. Your business will suffer whichever way a theft happens. Sometimes businesses can be completely destroyed by a huge burglary. Some businesses just don’t recover after losing everything. This is especially true with small businesses. That is why it is essential to use every means to protect the business.


Keep a Watch At All times

It is practically not possible to watch all the areas in your office. There are people within your office and out of it who are looking at a chance to steal things. The CCTV Camera is an excellent device to keep a watch over your office at all times. You can install both inside and outside the office. The cameras outside the office can monitor the activities of people who may be trying to cause damage or loss to your property. Even after office hours, these cameras can record what is happening on the premises. The recording can be used to identify the infiltrators and will help the agencies to catch the person. Having CCTV cameras inside the office can help to monitor the activities of your employees. if there are any rogue elements they can be identified and eliminated before they cause any damage.

CCTV camera installation also helps to prevent thefts. Many criminals will stay away from your office because they know that they can be easily identified. Even inside the office, the camera will act as a deterrent for erring employees. They know that their activities can be seen by you and this will make them behave properly. These cameras also help to avoid a lot of harassment at the workplace. Violence in the workplace is common and having the camera will help to collect evidence against the perpetrators. These cameras can also help in cases of sexual harassment and can act as evidence to your benefit.


Restrict the Movement Of People

Even inside the office, you may have to restrict the free movement of people to all the sections of the office. There are areas where your valuables are kept. You don't trust all your employees to be let inside those areas. The best way to prevent unrestricted entry is by installing the door access control system that will allow passage only for those who are authorized. Having keys and securing them can be troublesome. Keys can also be duplicated if any of the employees can be manipulated. Keys can be lost too. The door access system is a foolproof system to restrict the entry of people. 

Door Access System Singapore

There are different types of office door access control systems that you can choose from depending on the level of security needed. You have locks that will open by entering a PIN. Others work with cards that are programmed to allow entry. Both these offer a level of security but can be manipulated. The PIN can be passed on to others. Cards can also be exchanged. The biometric system is till now the most secure system where the presence of the authorized person is necessary for entry.

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