4 Benefits Of A Strong Inventory Management System

by Linda White Consultant
One of the biggest bottlenecks that arise with running an online business is the need to effectively manage the inventory. The problem is, as the business grows, this challenge only amplifies. Realistically, in order to sell on more channels and grow your business, the use of an inventory management system becomes a fundamental necessity. 

Usually, it ends up being overlooked since it is a continuous process that operates “in the background” as inventory moves throughout the business. This may not be glamorous, but the everyday nature of inventory management is exactly why it’s important. It can surely contribute greatly to success when done in the right way. 

Well, it can be found in countless shapes and forms including apps, spreadsheets, physical inventory counts or receipts. However, the best way to keep up your inventory and store managed is with the help of a mobile application (PrestaShop Admin App). Giving you the liberty to manage your store anywhere, anytime, an app inventory management system definitely sounds viable. 

To help understand you better, below is a list of some other key advantages:

Increased Productivity and Efficiency
By streamlining and automating the day-to-day tasks, an inventory management app can save you untold hours, enabling you to increase productivity and efficiency while focusing on maximising business growth. 

Furthermore, it will also give you the chance to manage your stock, regulate orders, manage to ship, check profits/sales, create/update listings and much more, all from the same dashboard.

Customer Retention 
While knowledge of stock levels proves helpful, the best way of selling products to customers is to have it in stock in the first place. Again, inventory management comes into the picture here. 

Helping you in analyzing historical data for accurate forecasts of future stock levels, and preventing stock-outs, modern inventory management systems eliminate the chances of the customers going elsewhere. Another way to retain customers is to be attuned to what they want and react accordingly. If you are able to analyze your sales data, you will be able to discover patterns in demand that can help in driving successful sales and marketing strategies. 

Automated and Effortless Management
Nobody tracks inventory as a part of their hobby. 
Counting stock, filing purchase orders or making inventory reports is no fun. In fact, these chores drain away a huge amount of time, leaving no time for crucial tasks like marketing, sales, purchases and other parts of keeping your business running smoothly.

Thus, as more tasks are automated by inventory management software, you would have to spend less time performing those tasks by hand - less time shuffling through receipts, sorting through bins, or tallying stock counts. This saved time can be used to achieve the desired business goals. 

Avoid Stock-Outs and Excess Stock
When it comes to managing your inventory, maintaining the right balance is an arduous task. After all, having less stock can lead to a stock-out, unhappy customers and potential loss of sales. On the other hand, having excess stock can take up valuable warehouse space and incur unnecessary charges. Either way, this all comes at a cost to your business.

Fortunately, with the use of an inventory management system, you can track low stock levels and set up automatic re-ordering points for each product, which in turn avoids the occurrence of stock-outs. Additionally, you can also set up these re-order points and replenishment parameters, while also forecasting product demand, further reducing the risk of ordering too much stock.

As seen, it is quite difficult to manage an online business without a competent inventory management software. In order to reap benefits and make online marketing your thing, choose the one that works perfectly fine for you. Don’t be blinded by marketing claims, complicated features or needless paid upgrades; analyse, realize and pick likewise!

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