Benefits of Inventory Management and Inventory Management Systems

by Kulgorvi Yadav Digital Marketing excutive

This article will explain the advantages of strong inventory management practices. It explains what a listing management system does and offers tips for selecting the simplest system for your business.

In this article:

 *The purpose of inventory management

 *Inventory management benefits

 *Tips for choosing a listing management system


What Is Inventory Management?


Inventory management is that the practice of designing the buying, storing and selling of stock—whether it’s raw materials, parts or finished goods—to make sure the right type and amount of stock is out there without holding excess stock and thereby docking cash. When done correctly, inventory management saves companies money.


What Is the most Purpose of Inventory Management?


The primary purpose of inventory management is to make sure there's enough goods or materials to satisfy demand without creating overstock, or excess inventory.


What Are the benefits of Inventory Management?

Accurate inventory management is vital to running a successful product business. The subsequent are the advantages of strong inventory management:

1 Better Inventory Accuracy: With solid inventory management, you recognize what’s available and order only the quantity of inventory you would like to satisfy demand.

2  Reduced Risk of Overselling: Inventory management helps track what’s available and what’s on backorder, so you don’t oversell products.

3  Avoiding Stock outs and Excess Stock: Better planning and management helps a business minimize the amount of days, if any, that an item is out of stock and avoid carrying an excessive amount of inventory. Learn more about solving for stock outs in our “Essential Guide to internal control .”

4  Better Terms With Vendors and Suppliers: Inventory management also provides insights about which products sell and in what volume. Use that knowledge as leverage to barter better prices and terms with suppliers.

5  More Productivity: Good inventory management solutions save time that would be spent on other activities.

6  Increased Profits: a far better understanding of both availability and demand results in higher inventory turnover, which results in greater profits.

7  A More Organized Warehouse: An efficient warehouse with items organized supported demand, which items are often sold together and other factors reduces labour costs and speeds order fulfilment .

8  Better Customer Experience: Customers that receive what they order on time are more loyal.


Benefits of Inventory Management Software Integrated 


Inventory management practices can assist you economize and keep an accurate stock count. However, you'll see more benefits once you add an ERP system with inventory management capabilities. With this sort of system in situ , you’ll be able to:


* Understand Inventory Levels Across the Business: Centralized purchasing reduces duplication when replenishing stock, and having the power to get in bulk saves money. Further benefits abound once you integrate your inventory software with accounting and back-office processes.


* Automate Manual Tasks: Barcode and RFID scanning can speed stock-taking, receiving and fulfillment.


* Greater Visibility with Real-Time Data : the proper inventory management software will offer you access to real-time information on all SKUs, altogether facilities. it'll deliver this data to all or any devices, regardless of where you're .


*Data-Driven Decision Making: Leverage the analytics capabilities of inventory management software to form data-driven stock decisions. economize by reducing inventory and carrying costs.


*Support Uninterrupted Production: By forecasting both demand and time interval , you'll ensure production never experiences a shortage.


*Harmonize Multiple Inventory Locations: Get an summary of stock levels altogether your warehouses, distribution centres also as retail stores and suppliers.


*Optimize All Inventory: a strong inventory management software helps maintain the proper mixture of stock and quantities, and at the simplest carrying costs. It’ll assist you make sure you never have an excessive amount of or insufficient on-hand.

* Ensure Compliance With Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP): Correctly valuing stock is significant for financial transparency.

* Improve Product Visibility in Recalls: Digital systems allow managers to use lot or serial number records to trace products by date and site .


What Are the Disadvantages of Inventory Management Systems


The disadvantages of inventory management systems are an equivalent as for other software. Solutions are often expensive, hard to find out and subject to hacks. However, simple safeguards can mitigate weaknesses


* Expensive for little Businesses:  the value of inventory management software can seem overwhelming a little business, but the investment often pays for itself in increased profits and improved customer loyalty. Additionally, cloud-based systems have made software that was once the domain of huge enterprises available to smaller businesses.


* Complex to Learn: Business software is usually tricky to find out . However, managers can help by investing in online training to quickly bring users up to hurry .


* Risk of System Crashes: Software does crash. However, you'll remove the danger of knowledge and productivity loss by using cloud-based platforms.


* Malicious Hacks: Malicious hacks are a risk to all or any businesses. the web of Things adds even more complexity. Cloud-based software typically has greater security than one company would offer on its own due to the danger a breach would wear the seller .


How to Choose a listing Management System


1)  Define your inventory management problems.

2) Understand who will use the software and consider any integrations, like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). For help understanding your particular software needs, see “Choosing the proper Inventory Management System.”

3)  Search for software with three essential features: automated replenishment, cycle counting and traceability.

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