4 Baked Products without Which Your Life Is Incomplete

by Neal David Writer

Bakery products are usually flour based eatables like bread, cookies, cakes, pies, doughnuts, and pastries. The sole reason behind categorizing them as “Bakery goods” is because all of these are baked in the oven. Though they share a similar process of baking and have some ingredients in common, there are some basic differences between them which everyone is ought to know. Let’s get into the gritty details of the four bakery items that you consume in your everyday life.


Bread –  It can be considered as one of the staple foods that we almost have on a daily basis. Most households start their day with a heavy breakfast comprising of bread toast, butter, and fruit juice/coffee/tea.  Basically, it the easiest bakery item to prepare with flour. 100 grams of flour use 65 ml of water to get the perfect bread. The other key essentials required to make bread are yeast (that acts as a raising agent), salt, sugar, and fat.  But there is a big difference between normal flour and bread flour. The latter needs to have high gluten content, which facilitates the trapping of gas produced by the yeast. This process is necessary as it causes bread flour to rise.    


Pastry – The pastry making process is a quite intriguing affair. The pastry dough is made by mixing flour, water, and fat in right proportions. The fat content used here must be in a solidified form at room temperatures like lard, butter or margarine. To get the exact crumbliness in pastries, fat should be briskly mixed with the flour and water. If you want to try sweet and flaky puff pastry, then add sugar and other syrupy ingredients like cream, chocolate spreads, etc.


Cakes – Cakes are much tastier than the first two bakery foods mentioned above and the reasons are quite straight forward. Cakes include butter and eggs in great amount apart from flour and sugar. The taste gets even better when fruits and dry-fruits act as an add-on to the main substances. The batter for a standard flavored cake like chocolates, vanilla, butterscotch, etc is thick and tight. But for spongy cakes, the batter needs to very smooth, creamy and runny which is why flour, sugar, butter, and eggs are mixed in equal amounts. Infact, these fluffy and light cakes have high protein content and also make the ideal Tiffin for kids.


Bakery Biscuits – Biscuits are crispy and crunchy foods that are sometimes also called “cookies”. Baking biscuits is similar to that of cakes, the only difference is in the quantity of flour used in both. Bakery biscuits contain larger proportion of flour in order to make a stiff batter. Including chocolate chips, dry fruits and fruits in the list of ingredients would make the biscuits sweeter and tastier further. If you want to know how fruit biscuits taste like, then Karachi fruit biscuits are a great option to start with.


Bakery items are not only used as a staple food in our day-to-day life, but they are also the gateway to win the hearts of the closed ones. We cut cakes on occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, house warming parties, etc. We also wrap a boxful of cookies to send to our friends and relatives abroad on Christmas and other festivals to make them feel special and happy. 


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