17 Truths You should Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash extensions are eyelash extensions applied to the tips of your natural lashes to increase the extra length of your lashes. These lashes made of different materials including synthetic, silk and mink. Among all mink lash is the most pricey and dramatic type of is not surprising how the eyelash extensions become a new and popular trend in the beauty industry. On the other hand still, they're are women who still planning to try it. Well for all those women who are still thinking to try eyelash extensions, We have listed the 17 Truths You Should Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions.

Is Eyelash extension safe?

It's a myth that eyelash extensions are not safe. And the biggest myth about them is that it will make you lose eyesight once the eyelash extensions glue enters your eyes.this is not true only take care when you are using glue with formaldehyde it can be harmful.

The cost

Obviously, good quality eyelash extensions will not come at a low price. If you are looking for good quality eyelash extensions that it can cost around $150 and $300 and they generally last for 2-3 weeks, depends on your usage and how you care for them. So, before buying eyelash extension check the quality of the lashes to guarantee you’re happy with the final look.

They Last around 3-4 weeks

Usually, eyelash extensions last for 3-4 weeks. Buy if you love extensions and want to keep them for long, then you need to show some care. Means, you need to brush your extensions regularly with a soft brush. Avoid wetting your eyelash extensions for at least 24 hours after first use. Avoid wearing lash curlers and also do not rub your eyes when you are wearing eyelash extension.

They come in different materials

Depending on your choice you can either choose eyelash extensions made from mink, synthetic or silk. All have they're own pros and cons, so basically it depends on your personal preference!

Improper application can lead to lash loss

If you’re regularly wearing eyelash extensions then you must have observed lashes falling out? This can be a sign of overusing eyelash extensions. This may be because you take out them not in a proper way. Improve usage of lashes can lead to lash loss. After applying eyelash extensions, do not rub your eyes too much, this can even uproot your real lashes.

Take medical attention if eyelash extensions stuck inside your eye

So sometimes eyelash extensions might get stuck in your eyes and required to get it to break out by a extensions professional or doctor.

Beware of allergies

Their can be some materials in eyelash extensions that one may be allergic to. While eyelash extensions allergic reactions are not so wild. So must notice if you feel signs of an allergic reaction, must understand the difference between irritation and reaction.

Keep eyelash extensions clean

Undoubtedly, the lesser your eyes come in contact with water and soap, the longer your eyelash extensions will stick around. Usually, people do not keep their eyelash extensions clean and so many do not wash their eyes properly as required. They think that water mess up their extensions. But this can get infections, use a cleanser and cautioned against eye infection signs like itching, swelling, and irritation.

Find a reputed salon

It is essential to be extra careful while choosing your salon- you have to ensure that they’re working under quality standards, to lessen your the possibility of infection.

They are still beautiful

Even with all the cautionary advice, eyelash extensions are still pretty and make you look gorgeous- apply it carefully and remove it nicely. This will increase the lifespan of your eyelash extensions so you can wear it on every occasion.

The procedure of applying eyelash extension will take ample time

Usually, the procedure takes 1 or 2 hours. Because eyelash extensions are being glued with your natural lashes. So it takes ample of time. The time of application will completely rely on the number of eyelash extensions you want.

The risk

With any type of beauty related treatment, there is always a chance that your skin will give an adverse reaction. Likewise, with eyelash extensions, the risk is quite higher. As you know eyes are the most sensitive part of your face. So do proper research on the salon and go through reviews before buying any eyelash extension or booking your an appointment in any salon.

The removal

The removal of eyelash extension is not simple. You either need to go to the beauty salon to get them removed by professionals or let them fall out automatically. Buy do not try to pull them out by yourself, because you may end up losing your natural lashes at the same time. If you know the right way of removing it then only try to pull out yourself. Apply coconut or any other oil in order to loosen the glue.

Do eyelash extension hurt?

No. Eyelash extensions will not at all hurt if you find a professional artist for the application of your lashes. Because Of eyelash extensions applied incorrectly you may experience some pain. Thus, it is very important to find a professional artist for the application of eyelash extensions.

How eyelash extensions applied?

The process of applying eyelash extensions involves laying down for about 1-2 hour with your eyelids closed. The artist put tape to both the lower and upper, however, do not open your eyes until the procedure gets completed.

You will have to change your makeup routine

Eyelash extension looks darned fabulous, however, you may have to change your lifestyle for your new lashes. There are so many products you need to buy, including lash comb, tubing mascaras, oil-based cleansers, and pencil as they are required at all time

Not everyone can apply for extensions

On some eyelash extension looks stunning but not everyone has wild success with them. Like people who have oily skin may not find extensions better option as it may cause they're extension to fall off again and again as the oil breaks the extension glue bond.

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