What do blue flowers mean?

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Blossoms comes in wide variants different hues and colours buy blue is one the most mysterious shade in nature. There are so many varieties of blue colors in the natyre, from irises to lotus, from hydrangeas to forget-me-not.

Blue flowers stands for tranquility and peace. Buy that is not the only thing blue colour flowers stands for. It has so many meanings like:

  • Serenity

  • Mystery

  • Openness

  • The Unattainable

  • Intrigue

  • Inspiration

  • Deep Trust

  • Hope

  • Intimacy

  • Desire

During Victorian era the language of flowers was known as Floriography, it was used during that time to convey a secret message between friends and lovers. Actually, it was extremely popular that volumes were brimmed with complete information about the symbolism and meaning of flowers of each blossom. While most of the Americans do not follow this tradition of blossoms while selecting and sending floral arrangements. Knowing detail information about the flower meaning will assist you choose the right meaning flower for the right occasions.

Are There Many Blue Flowers?

So many florists dye flowers like daisies, mums, rose and carnations in different shades of blue in order to give them an alluring look, butt if you think that there is no true blue flower in the nature or they are rare to find. Then let's have a look at the name of plants that produce blue color flowers:

  • Forget-me-nots

  • Iris

  • Morning Glories

  • Lotus Flower

  • Petunias

  • Hydrangeas

  • Orchids

  • Asters

  • Cornflowers

  • Forget-me-nots

These blue flowers also known as the Myosotis flower, that means mouse ears. It symbolises undying love thus best to gift to a person you love the most.

Forget me not has so many meanings like:

  • True and undying love

  • Remembrance after death or during partying

  • A relation or connection that lasts through time

  • Loyalty and fidelity in a relationship, despite separation

  • Beautiful reminder of your unforgettable memories or the time spend together with your special person

  • Growing bond or affection between two people

  • Honoring the Armenian Genocide

  • Helping patients with Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Caring for the disabled, poor and needy


Iris is a Greek word which means rainbow. This plant got it's name after the goddess iris as of it's stunning beauty and as of the varied colours available in the flowers of this genus. In Greek mythology, the goddess iris was the mediator who travelled between the lands of gods and human beings on the rainbow. This flower conveys a message of a hope and promise. The other meaning of this flower is also associated with wisdom and valour.

  • Vitality

  • Beauty

  • Healing

  • Dreams

  • Diversity

  • Creativity

  • Transition

  • Protection

  • Perception

  • Femininity

  • Awareness

  • Purification

Morning glory

The scientific name of morning glory is ipomoea. The flower has heart-shaped leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers. The scented flowers comes in so many colours including blue, red, pink, white and purple. These flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies when they bloom from beginning of summer to its first frost. Morning glory has so many meanings. In Chinese the flower meaning is potential love and below mentioned are some other meanings of morning glory.

  • Unrequited love

  • Mortality of life

  • Love that is in vain

  • Restricted love

Lotus Flower

The blue lotus flower implies responsibility. It represents the deepest level of loyalty, honesty and trust. Blue is not the right colour to use when someone is confronting something or making a fuss. Blue colour is quiet, reliable. Psychological use of this colour to demonstrates security and confidence in one’s depths of self.

Blue lotus flower different symbolism includes

  • Being victorious over ego-maniacal attachments

  • Showing Compassion and love for all things, living or nonliving

  • Heading above the suffering of humans

  • Purity of wisdom

  • Patience with yourself, others and life’s greatest lessons

  • Being aware of one’s true self

  • Experiencing contact directly to the spiritual realm

  • Various stages of enlightenment


Blue orchids were a symbol of strength and virility in ancient greek time. Not only greeks buy Aztecs also beloved that blue orchids are the symbolism of strength. In china ancient inhabitants use this flower to treat lung disorders and coughs.

Different meanings of orchid flower

  • Love

  • Beauty

  • Fertility

  • Refinement

  • Thoughtfulness

  • Charm

There is no real pigment in plants, this plants do not have a straight way of producing blue colour. Blue colour flowers are so rare in the flowers. Only few tropical plants have real blue foliage.

Blue bells

Bluebells have long been symbolism of gratitude and humility. They are connected with gratitude, constancy and everlasting love. Bluebell flowers are linked to the kingdom of fairies and are also referred as fairy thimbles. These flowers are commonly found in the parts of North America, north Africa and Western Europe. They are also called differently in some areas like wild hyacinths. They usually grow in grasslands , also in mountainsides.

  • Humility    

  • Constancy

  • Gratitude

  • everlasting love


Flower brightens our day and lives with their fragrance and beauty. Hydrangeas are among the flower that are not only look appealing but also have the nicest fragrance. Their meanings make them more attractive flowers especially blue hydrangeas. Hey symbolises pure love. Blue hydrangea are best to gift to mothers on mother's day.

Different meanings of Hydrangeas flower

  • Honest and heartfelt emotions of any kind

  • Thanksgiving and gratitude to someone else

  • Developing a strong understanding between two people

  • Heartlessness

  • Abrupt and disinterest in a romantic proposal

  • Bragging and boasting about false accomplishments

  • Abundance and prosperity

  • Grace and beauty, sometimes taken to an extreme of vanity and narcissism

  • the 4th wedding anniversary for a couple

Sending blue flowers to your mother will be the perfect greeting. Choosing the right colour is important as each colour flower conveys something deep and meaningful.

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