15 Reasons why Fathers Teach their Child Well?

by Evan M. Evan Murray A Graduate & Blogger
Teacher fathers are like superheroes. They are adored by their students at school with their cheesy jokes, silly dance moves and everything in between. Then they return home using the skills they have learned as teachers to connect with their own children. Here are 15 reasons why teacher fathers are great parents.

1. They have the best jokes on dads!
Their classes are an interesting audience to test out dad jokes. They perfected the execution of these jokes before they came home and told them to their own children. That's not to say jokes are always good, but at least they've been tested!

2. Teaching fathers empower their children!
Most schools have far fewer teachers than female teachers. This means that male teachers are often automatically raised to the rank of “cool” teachers. Everyone wants to be in their groups for school trips or join the club they sponsor. Everyone wants them to be part of their schedule. Having a cool dad gives kids an extra dose of motivation.

3. They know how to listen

Male teachers have more experience in listening to children's problems, challenges, hopes and dreams. They listen too and constantly and in bulk: discussions about friendship dramas, YouTubers, videos about sports, video games, etc even painting designed using brushes as well as oil paints by the students. So they have a habit of listening patiently to their own children, and after hearing similar stories from their students, they often give good answers.

4. They bring back delicious homemade pastries!

Male teachers seem to be better at home-baking than their female colleagues - maybe because they want to let people know they taste like sweets. They always bring home brownies, muffins, cookies or pies. Their own children are often able to grab a delicious treat every time they pass through their father's class.

5. A house full of children is no problem
They are so used to noise in their classroom that they hardly notice when their own house is full of children. And theirs feel comfortable being able to invite friends over to the house.

6. Their use of slang is hilarious
They pick up their students' slang and then make their own family roar with laughter when they try to use it at the table. Yes, teens cringe when their dad tries to look cool, but they secretly think it's cute and touching.

7. They know what it's like to be different
Male teachers are often less numerous than women in schools and in meetings. They know what it's like to be a little different. Thus, they can identify with their children and push them to be different when they are afraid of not fitting in.

8. Teacher fathers have free time to play
Many fathers work long hours and cannot take time off to attend school plays or pool days in the summer. Teaching fathers have similar schedules to their children's and have time to build memories and have adventures.

9. They have a lot of practice
It's hard to shock a teacher father. They met students in so many different situations; they've done so much research on resources, best practices; they have seen so many other children go through hardships that their own children benefit from this practice.

10. They offer great homework advice
They devote hours to professional development seminars, follow other educators on social media, and subscribe to educational journals. If their children are having difficulty with the multiplication tables or the periodic table, they always have a tip to help them.

11. They allow their children to be assistants
Teaching fathers allow their own children to be their classroom assistants before and after school. For an elementary school student, stapling, filling out files, and guarding the photocopier are very effective activities.
12. They are not afraid to look silly
Teaching fathers love to make children laugh. They regularly appear in their children's Tiktok videos at home.

13. They let you use their supplies - and tap into their ideas
Science experiments and poster projects are a lot less stressful when you have access to your father's supply closet. And when you can use your brain to come up with ideas and reactions, even better!

14. The day of donuts!
Most schools have a “Donuts with Dad” day every year. If your dad also teaches at your school, you're there in time to have the top choice of donuts. Your dad may even be tasked with picking up the leftover donuts and let you eat one in the car on your way to school.

15. They are great role models
When you take a closer look, your father is a role model for other children, and you realize how lucky you are to have him as a parent. It feels good to know that your dad is making an impact on others - and inspires you to do the same.

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