Why should you teach your child martial arts? 5 reasons

by Nitin Saini Digital Marketing Expert

 Felony is making headlines every day and these headlines highlight the violence against children. We are present to the fact that crime against children especially the girl child is rising every other day It is a challenge prevailing in our society and not only in India but across the world. Hence it is absolutely necessary to discuss ways to make living easier and safer for our children. It is therefore a great idea to equip children with certain basic skills and art of self-defense right from an early age. Defense skills such as martial arts are one of the best bet to skills them up for protection against these crimes. Besides, these skills also teach children many life lessons, describes a veteran faculty and coach at one of the schools in Dwarka, Delhi.


Let us find few interesting reasons to teach your child self-defense skills such as martial arts, observed by a veteran faculty of many good schools in Dwarka, Delhi: 


1.    Enhance alertness and watchfulness: Learning skills in the form of martial arts is extremely helpful in enhancing your child’s alertness .It increase their ability to read the situations and anticipate danger. They are taught with the strategies to escape harm and if needed they can inflict harm in order to save themselves and their friends, says a martial arts coach at one of the No.1 schools in Dwarka, Delhi. Since they have increased levels of watchfulness and alertness they can avoid getting stuck in dangerous situations.


2.    Assist staying fit and healthy: Besides, its obvious benefits, martial arts students are always fitter than the rest, says a physical fitness coach at one of the very good schools in Dwarka, Delhi. As it requires physical strength and muscles of the body, hence while practicing they exercise and require eating healthy to keep their body fit. Being physically fit also reduces the chances of being harmed.


3.    Increase confidence in children: Undoubtedly, martial arts enhance their confidence by increasing their positive thoughts. As they think that they are now ready to face any adverse situations and counter threat and the physical fitness is a bonus that boosts that confidence, advice a physical education teacher at one of the very good schools in Dwarka, Delhi.


4.    Infuse discipline: Martial art is a skill which takes a lot of practice, focus, concentration, and discipline. Without which learning such high-intensity skills are not possible. Hence, martial arts students are always disciplined and the art instills a high level of self-discipline in them, says a child expert and life coach at a No. 1 School in Dwarka, Delhi.


5.    Develop concentration and memory: High level of focus is needed to master any skill in martial arts such as breaking bricks, kicking an object placed high above, etc. The actions and body movements are taught in a manner to get it in students’ long-term memory and hence they, in turn, learn to focus their mind on the task at hand, says a martial arts coach at one of the very good schools in Dwarka, Delhi.


Overall, learning martial art not only equip children to protect themselves but also useful in important life skills. It empowers them and builds their self-confidence and they grow mentally tough and successful individuals.

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