The Important Role of Fathers in Child Development

by Reggie Moore Professional writer and proto entrepreneur

When it comes to childcare, sometimes fathers are considered second best. Fathers are stereotyped as secondary parents, incompetent, and emotionally detached. They also face mockery when they admit they engage in things like changing diapers and taking paternity leave. As a result, they are forced not to take part in raising their kids. In the real sense, even though a mother's love is unique and vital in a child's life, the role of a father in a child's development is unique and cannot be filled by anybody. A father's role has significant impacts on a child and helps shape them into better people.

How does a Father impact A Child’s Development?

Fathers who engage actively in their children's development enhance their overall wellness, emotional health, self-respect, and social development. Responsible and committed fathering during early childhood and infancy contribute primarily to the child's emotional security and verbal skills.

However, there are many fatherless homes out there. Fatherlessness is growing significantly, and research shows that the absence of a father figure in a child's development limits a child's life choices and perception of life. The absence of a father in a child's life has other severe consequences and outcomes, including the child is at significant risk of being abused physically, neglected, and suffering severe injuries due to abuse and emotional negligence. Additionally, 85% of youths in prison today grew up in fatherless homes. Here are the roles of a father in child development.

Before Birth

Fathers can be part of pregnancy by helping their pregnant spouses and attending healthcare appointments together. Women are likely to receive prenatal care in the first months of pregnancy if a father is involved. This reduces the risk of infant mortality and premature birth.

While there are increased cases of unmarried couples giving birth and fathers living apart, fathers need to have a supportive relationship with the mother. This can lead to children who are self-confident and perform better in school.


Babies can bond and attach with their fathers just like their mothers. Fathers who participate in an infant's basic care like changing a diaper, feeding them, and responding to their cries tend to positively impact their children's behavior and self-confidence. When fathers get involved in infancy, their children are less likely to suffer from mental health problems.

Fathers are more likely to be a child's play partner than mothers. Father's play with an infant is more energetic and active than a mother's play. This can help a child explore and be more independent.

Early Childhood

Fathers who praise their young kids when they accomplish something or behave well and kiss or hug them frequently are more likely to perform well in school than fatherless children. Research shows that fathers who are remorseful when they are upset or their children misbehaving bring up less aggressive boys and girls with minimal negativities over their friends.

Also, when a father is involved with their daughter at a tender age, they will be limited to risks of early pregnancy, puberty, and sexual experience. A father's involvement in a child's early development also helps the child develop positively in advanced verbal speech. While mothers use words a child is already aware of, fathers tend to introduce new words in a child's language vocabulary.


Teenagers acknowledged and praised by their fathers are more likely to have good school attendance and performance. A father's involvement in puberty reduces the chances of mental health problems and dangerous behaviors. Fathers tend to raise well-mannered boys and psychologically upright girls.

Tips for Father Involvement in Child Development

Boost a Child’s Confidence

A father's emotional support for a child is priceless. By helping the children know how much they are loved and valued, children develop high self-esteem, confidence and are likely to be happier. Children can also demonstrate greater frustration acceptance, less fear, and reluctance in a new situation, and enhanced ability to resist peer pressure.

Enhances Intellect

Active fathers are helpful to their children as they help them enhance their problem-solving capabilities and emotional intelligence. Children whose fathers were involved in their lives since infancy perform well in cognitive development demonstration and valuations as they have better exploration and curiosity.

Children Have Someone to Look Up To

Fathers are their children's role models. They help strengthen and promote good behaviors. In the end, children with fathers end up having social involvement, minimal impulse control, and behavioral problems. The children also become more passionate, generous, and mindful of others' rights and needs.

Set Relationship Bars with Others

Fathers influence who their children are on the inside and how they establish their relationships as they grow. How a father treats their child has a significant impact on what the child will look for in others. A child will choose their friends, partners, and spouses based on how they understand what a relationship means with their father.

An active father is one of the most significant things in a child's development. Growing up without a father has a wide range of negative impacts on the child, including increased crime rates and low life quality. If you are a new father and have no insights on positively impacting a child's life, attend parenting classes and programs offered in different hospitals and wellness centers. If you are a father and are in danger of losing your relationship with your children, consider a paternity test to protect yourself from people who would try to separate you from your children. You won’t regret making the choice to be a part of your children's lives.

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