11 Beauty Tips for Beautiful and Glowing Skin

by Vanya Herbal E-commerce Marketing

We all are beautiful and possess something special, that we take immense pride to display. As a human, we aspire to get healthy, glowing and young skin, especially women. You are beautiful, but who says, adding little more care of the skin is a waste of time and money. Care needs dare. The first impression is the last so try few home-based remedies. Don’t do it to impress someone, but do it to impress yourself. A little glow and nourishment will keep you fresh, happy, good-looking and more confidence.

Why spend time at the spa, salons, and parlor when your little effort can change the way you look.
Read this article to discover, how to get naturally glowing skin?

The Diet Plan

Life starts with food. Our physical appearance, health condition depends on what we intake. Although it’s not the only thing that matters, diet is also important. Always eat healthy and fresh fruits. They contain required minerals, vitamins, the fiber that is important for radiant and glowing skin.
Also, nourish yourself with an adequate amount of proteins and carbohydrates. Take fruit juices regularly for good health.

The magic of water — Water is the main constituent of the body as our body contains 70% of water. Drink enough water to hydrate your skin. In the case of dehydration, body cells shrink and die. Water helps to remove toxins and purifies the body.

Sleep Well- A good sleep is very important for the skin. Ensure enough sleep in your daily routine. From now on, love the bed little more and hug your pillow tightly. Sleep for at least 7 hours a day and wake up fresh. Uneven routine results in exhaustion, dark circle under the eyes. The solution is very cheap- just ensure enough sleep.

Say goodbye to stress- Say hi to life, Bye to stress. Stress is one of the main reasons for premature aging. Due to stress, you may lose, good night’s sleep, so don’t put your life on the stake, stay simple and fresh. Listen to music, read books, take a shower, cook food, just keep yourself busy.

Exercise and Workout- Exercises make the body flexible and improves blood circulation. It helps in providing necessary digestion to the whole body and helps in healthy skin. Remember the phrase “health is wealth”.

Bath and Shower- A nice way to refresh and leave the problems behind. A Good shower cleanses the skin, opens the pores, hydrates, removes toxins and gives the feeling of relaxation. Adding shower gel will be more effective for skin. Please do not use hard soap, rub the skin gently.

Exfoliate skin — Exfoliation is important. Why? Until the old ones are there, you can’t welcome new members. With time, we need to replace unused things with the new ones. Exfoliation does the same. It removes dead cells from the body and helps in the regeneration of new body cells. This process makes the skin look younger and glowing. Exfoliate skin with face scrubs, body scrubs for glowing skin.
Cleansing- Cleansing is important for naturally glowing skin. The environment, pollution, and UV rays harm skin badly. Cleansing removes dirt, pollution, makeup effectively and tones skin texture. Always use homemade Or natural ingredient based cleanser.

Toning And moisturizing — Moisturizer provides necessary hydration to the skin. Moisturizers come with the additional luxury of oil content and aroma. Oil locks moisture in the skin while the pleasant scent of aroma gives a happy experience.

Home remedies for Skin Care -

Rosewater — Rosewater is a beauty essential and natural skin toner. It applies to every type of skin. After cleansing, soak a small piece of cotton in rose water and apply on the skin and Wait for skin to dry. Do not wash thereafter. Precaution — Avoid rosewater from sunlight. Keep it in a cool place like a fridge.
Lemongrass Essential Oil  Lemongrass essential oil has a powerful antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that detoxify the skin. It is also good to fight with skin infection.
Precaution- Add a carrier oil with lemongrass essential oil. Essential oils are concentrated and need to be diluted before application.
Pomegranate face Cream — Pomegranates are rich in nutrition and acquire some beautiful properties like anti-tan, UV protection, natural astringent and powerful antioxidant.

Pomegranate face cream is not only good for skin glow but also good for protecting skin from sun rays, UV rays.

Final Bid — These were few beauty tips, I had to share. I will update more beauty tips soon. Please try to use natural skincare products instead of chemical-based beauty products.
Stay connected, stay healthy.

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