Bergamot Essential Oil- Benefits and Application

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Bergamot is citrus, bitter, fragrant fruit just like lemon, amla, grapefruit, that is native to South Asia and Italy. Bergamot is commonly known as bergamot orange but will you believe its yellow in appearance. Fruits of Bergamot are used for making essential oil, perfumes, scents, flavors.

Bergamot peels are used to make essential oils like Himalayan Bergamot Mint Essential Oil. To add aroma, strength, or to reduce the concentration of essential oils other components like mint, tulsi, coconuts used as companions.

Bergamot has anti-bacterial, anti-depressant, wound healing, blood pressure controlling and many medicinal properties which make Bergamot one of the essential plants in herbal care, Ayurvedic medicine, and aromatherapy.

In India bergamot is grown in Himalayan foothills.

Bergamot Essential Oil

In the world of essential oil, finding an oil which is different from others, is very difficult but Bergamot seems to be the winner.

It is extracted from its peel or rind and mainly contains citrus acid or Vitamin C.

It can do much more than what we expect it to be. Besides being a good deodorant, it can be a good antiseptic, sedative, anti-depressing agent, digestive substance, analgesic, antibiotic and more.

More often used as digestive support and rejuvenate the skin, it can heal your emotions and stress as well.

Its calming and soothing scent or aroma keeps you fresh and uplifts your mood.

Bergamot when blended with Mint, becomes more effective and penetrative towards healing anti-fungal, germs, and viruses.

Himalayan Bergamot Mint Essential

Himalayan Bergamot Mint Essential Oil is directly extracted from the leaf of Himalayan Bergamot leaves through distillation and combined with mint oil to give you a cool, fresh, relaxing and beautiful experience with its floral scent.

Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil-

Relieving Depression-

Bergamot can relieve many stress problems like depression, anxiety or any other mood disorders. Components of bergamot oil, like limonene, is an anti-depressant and stimulating in nature. It improves blood circulation and generates a fresh feel of happiness and energy in depression or sadness.

Prevent infection-

Some component of bergamot essential oil is antibiotic and disinfectant. It can stop the growth of germs, virus and can be very effective in prohibiting skin infection a well as cures the infection in intestine, urinary tract, and kidneys.

Skin care-

Bergamot essential oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This makes bergamot oil effective acne treatment. It helps heal scars and other marks on the skin resulting in even-toned skin and refreshing experience.

That’s why it is very commonly used in creams, soaps.

It's analgesic properties make it much effective against painful pimples.

Reduce pain and inflammation-

What you think about trying a natural oil for pain relief instead of taking pain killers which may have some side effects as well.

According to researches, bergamot oil has analgesic effects because of oil constitutes Linalyl acetate which is known for its analgesic effects.

It can be used for lowering muscle pain, sprain or headaches or medical condition where a heavy dose of analgesic is to be given.

How to apply

Add to the massage oil or body lotion

Add a few drops to warm water bath


Do not use bergamot essential oil directly.

Essential oils are concentrated so it is advised to dilute them before use.

You can use some carrier oil like coconut oil, olive oil.

Recommended to use maximum 2–5 drops of bergamot oil

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