How to make Brainy Beauty Decisions?

by Vanya Herbal E-commerce Marketing

The answer is very simple; you need to be wise and brave in choosing right food and right goods.

Same applies when choosing your beauty and health partner.

Natural Care is the best thing that you can give to your body and we are bringing you some necessary natural ingredients, herbs, and products.


1 Rose.

Love, friendship or beauty rose is there for beauty.

Rose is widely known as a sign of love and care, but it can take care of your body too.

So spread the scent of love with the freshness of rose.

Nourish your skin and hydrate your body with rose daily.


The beauty of Rose in Daily life-


Rose water- Few drops of rose water can make your mood. With its awesome fragrance and many health benefits, it can uplift your mood and all your stress will be gone in no time.


Himalayan Rose Water is termed as best and pure rose oil as it is made from fresh and organic rose petals from a great Himalayan family.


Where to find?

Find best rose water for you at Vanya Herbal


Rose & Olive Face Cream-

Give your face a healthy dose with olive oil and rose.

Healthy, glowing and dust free skin is what everyone wants and we at Vanya are here with a perfect solution to every face problem.

Experience the beauty of rose and olive together in Vanya


Rose & Olive Face Cream


Vanya Rose & olive Face Cream is a perfect combination of olive oil and rose to give you glowing sweat free skin all day long.

For better results apply as a base just before makeup and get charged up for the whole day.



·       Anti-ageing: Stay young for long with olive oil and rose.

·       Improves skin tone for brighter skin

·       Soften and smoothen wrinkles and clears the dark spot.

·       Moisturizes the body and protects from direct sunlight and UV.

·       Hydrates your skin for the full day long.


Rose & Chamomile Under Eye Cream


Take care of your eyes and make them shine Bright with Gulaablight Rose & Chamomile Under Eye Cream


Rose & Chamomile Under Eye Cream is a rejuvenating, gentle under eye cream. Made with an infusion of Himalayan rose water, chamomile essential oil, 100% pure herbal extracts and Vitamin E rich apricot oil.

Purely made from foothills of Himalayas and blended with essential blue Chamomile and Himalayan Rose water that rejuvenates under eyes makes your eyes talk.



Holy basil or Tulsi a powerful herbal plant that is easily found in India and sub-continents holds a special place in History of Ayurveda and Medicare.

In Hindu tradition, Tulsi is worshipped as holy Goddess her presence is believed to incur peace and happiness to the family.

Due to its medical and healing properties, it is very beneficial for human health and their daily routine.



· Tulsi leaves are known as anti-stress agents.

· Chewing Tulsi leaves daily can reduce stress in every human being by purifying the blood and keeping one fresh.

· With Tulsi Stay fresh No stress


Anti-Ageing Effects:

Tulsi has many essential oils which keeps your skin fresh, moisturized and glowing for a long time.

It is an excellent anti-oxidant and contains multiple vitamins which reduce premature ageing


Skin Care: Tulsi gives a happy start to your day.

Taking a shower with tulsi alone can destroy all the bacterium and gives a fresh start to the day.


Keep germs away take bath with Tulsi every day.

How to use-



Himalayan pooja tulsi oil made from pure eternal tulsi leaves of Himalayas to have to purify, warming and uplifting experience.

Powerful antioxidant and antibacterial to keep you hydrated and fight with germs and have anti-ageing effects.

Very handy in stress management, reducing muscle pain, headaches.


Turmeric — Add beauty and health to the life

Turmeric the most effective and widely used herbal ingredient and can be found in every home of the country.

It may look yellow in its looks or appearance but it is pure gold in terms of use and properties.

From cooking to skincare, Medicare to festivals worships, and rituals its importance never fades away.



In this busy world, “nobody has time, but everyone wants to shine”, and the turmeric if you’re a perfect partner to take care of your skin and give you a healthy and glowing skin.


Want to know how?

· With its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it can remove wrinkles and redness from the skin.

· Acne Fight: A natural antiseptic which stops the spreading of bacterial infection and fights to remove acne and dark spots.

· Anti-Ageing Action: Who doesn’t want to look younger? We all do!

· Turmeric fights directly with sunlight and ultraviolet rays and keeps your skin softer and smoother.

· With a glowing Smooth, you always feel younger.

Using Turmeric in Daily life-


Tulsi & Turmeric Oil Face Cleanser-

· Cleanse your Skin with Power of Tulsi and beautiful effects of turmeric.

· Beautify your skin by removing dust and oil with Tulsi & Turmeric Oil Face Cleanser

· Blended with essential oils of juniper, tulsi, and turmeric to give a clean and clear look.

· Turmeric brightens skin and tulsi gives fungal prevention


Health Care:

Turmeric is not only used in skincare it has proven its worth in the health care industry as well.


Let’s Check out What it can do?


Relive your childhood. Do you remember eating mint chewing gum, Vicks or something like that and then drinking water to get supercooling mouth freshness.

· Mint is much more than what we think.

· Mint belongs to the mint family and naturally found in Europe and America.

· It’s not just a mouth freshener or breathing freshener. It can do a lot more.

· Due to the presence of menthol, it can be very handy in headaches, congestions.

· It commonly used in fragrance and cooling element in soaps and cosmetics.

· It can be taken directly for various digestive issues.


Mint for Daily Life-



The perfect combination of mint and tulsi for start of the day.

Take a small amount and apply gently on wet skin with your palm or a wet loofah to cleanse the skin and exfoliate dead cells. Therefore, rinse off thoroughly.

Tulsi to fight with germ and mint for crystal cool experience.


Mint & Tulsi Body Lotion-

Moisturize your skin with this indulgent body lotion, steeped in the goodness of Himalayan essential oils & plant-derived ingredients.

A powerful antioxidant and antistress Tulsi with the cooling effect of mint to keep you fresh and hydrated for all day long.

Apply this lotion after using mint and tulsi shower gel. This Pure herbal lotion should be massaged on slightly damp skin, for long-lasting moistness and deep nourishment.


Mint & Tulsi Body Lotion — best partner of your beauty secrets


Aloe vera

· Skin or Hair- Aloe vera will take care.

· Aloe vera is most commonly used for making of cosmetics and shampoos.

· Due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal benefits it holds a strong position in the beauty care industries.

· Aloe vera contains all most every nutrient that we need that’s why it is found everywhere, from sunscreen to body lotion, conditioners to shampoos.

· Take nature’s advantage in daily life.



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