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What Can Online Marketing Do For Us?

by Corey Blackmur Blackmur Global
Corey Blackmur Committed   Blackmur Global
I don't think there is a better way of reaching a large market of people than marketing on the internet.

Is everyone agreeable on this statement?
In order to be able to reach so many people and be so cost effective it's going to be almost impossible to accomplish effectively any other way than by the internet.  Certainly I can't do it "offline" for the costs that I can do it online for.

Do you also agree with this statement?


Okay if you agree with these statements then here's my problem;

Finding the best way to do it? 
Is there a best way?
Is it a combination of a variety of techniques?
Are there actually "guru's" out there teaching techniques or are they just in it to take your money?


We all know it's more than just putting up a website and hoping for people to come and look at it.  We have to tell people about it, we have to advertise and market it.   Driving traffic to our site's and then converting that traffic to sales is the key to our success as internet marketer's, without it we don't survive, or become successful and profitable.


So do we market someone elses products or programs?
Do we develop our own products?
What is the best way, or is there a best way, or is it just a matter that what works for one does not always work the same for everyone?


With myself, I promote multiple programs and opportunities which work in concert with each other, or so I believe they do.  I do not have a product of my own, although I am in the process of putting together an ebook (more on that another time).  I am also an affiliate
marketer of certain products which work in conjunction with the programs I market.


I know others who market the exact same programs as I do, and some of them are ten times more successful and profitable than myself? 

What are they doing that I'm not ~ most of them won't offer any information.
They will indicate that they use a variety of marketing efforts:
Traffic Exchanges to Social Marketing to Article submittals, but they don't delve much deeper into the particulars of what works well for them.


So, going back to the start; my question was............
"what can online marketing do for us?"

Basically when it's done correctly, it can help us get more exposure,  more credibility, more customers and yes ultimately, increase sales for profitablilty ~ some will even become wealthy.


So keeping in mind that the Business Roundtable is all about having a place for us to share and offer feedback in order to learn from everyone else here, what is actually working for everyone else?

Do you have the perfect product or program?
Are you an affiliate marketer?
Where or who is your market?
Where is your traffic coming from?
What do the search engines like about your site that gets you traffic?
Do you do article marketing?
Does your blog drive traffic for your business?
Do you market by YouTube?

Are you set up as an authority in your marketplace with what you promote?
Where are you obtaining top quality content from, do you write it all yourself?

I know that online marketing, when it is done correctly, can set things in motion for our businesses and bring huge success so let's contribute and help each other become huge success's by offering some feedback on what's working for each of us?
What do you think.............

I'm just looking for some input and answers that will help us all find out what online marketing can do for us.


Thanks for reading.
Dec 1st 2010 11:24

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Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
This is an awesome post Corey! Very thought provoking and exactly why I created this group. There's quite a few questions there and Lordy the answers!

I'll try to put it in a nutshell what works for me. No not everything works for everyone. My mantra is keep what works and dump the rest. I do a combination of online and off-line marketing. My goal is to set myself up as the 'go to'person. It does take an investment of time, effort and in some cases money.

I'm all about educating my clients and prospects, but before you can educate someone else, you have to have knowledge yourself. For me that meant investing the money, time and effort into gaining the certifications to educate others. There's much more credibility for me being Certified-I know what I'm talking about. Rather than running around trying to tell people something when I don't have anything to distinguish me from the person I'm talking to.

In addition to getting the Certification it is a case of demonstrating my knowledge. I do this through writing articles, passing on industry news and conducting seminars.

So for me is helping people identity a problem and then letting them come to the conclusion that I have the solution to their problem.
Dec 1st 2010 14:23   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Good article and good questions. I do not think there is a best way. I also it is a combination. I also think you should do the promotions you are feeling comfortable with. I would feel uncomfortable displaying a video with me talking about something on the net. So I don't. I think if would press myself to do it anyway it would not work because I would not be able to get the message across.
Dec 1st 2010 15:29   
Russell Chapman Advanced  Affiliate Marketer
Excellent set of questions and very valid point about "gurus" just taking your money.
Dec 1st 2010 17:00   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Hi Corey,

With all due respect hats off to you, absolutely wonderfully written, to the point with details, that will provide all of us additional logically reasons to further understand how marketing should be done at this level..on the internet. Write good solid content we all can benefit as you just did Corey...

You have just recently joined but you have the attitude of a senior member at APSense, what a wonderful addition...You know l enjoyed some of your key phrases and actually may apply one or two that you mentioned.....check them out anyhow.....

Keep up the good work, and you will found a lot of success here at APSense....

I will promote you blog cause l think other members should read and also benefit from your treat....

All The Best,

Joseph F Botelho
Dec 1st 2010 18:43   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
Corey, you are an asset to any affiliate program you are promoting and I must say, GRP is very lucky to have you on board!

Same sentiment here, what works best is a combination of tools. I too write some, blog some, participate in some forums, post ads, and simply be social. Recently, even though I am so not comfortable with conducting trainings, but have learned to work the conference room and I am doing it to help my team. Team work! Makes the dream work!
Dec 1st 2010 18:57   
Mariana Norman Committed   
Very good info thank you for the sharing ...
Dec 2nd 2010 01:34   
Rifai Sy Advanced   Data Analys
thanks for sharing with us my friend... i will check it
Dec 2nd 2010 04:13   
Robert (Bob) Timper Professional   Marketer
This is true, online marketing is the best way to get your product or your program seen.
Dec 2nd 2010 05:43   
Syed Asif Ahmed Advanced   Computer Hardware Engineer
nteresting but I am not sure I know enough about it to rate it fairly.
Dec 2nd 2010 05:49   
Corey Blackmur Committed   Blackmur Global
Good morning to all; at least it's morning in my part of the world. I just want to say thank you for the feedback and kudo's from everyone, the article was meant to raise a conversation and so far it seems to have worked.

@Cheryl, I figure if there are 190 some members in the group, if 10% of the group was to catch this article we could get a real discussion going to learn from. As well, maybe others would join the group as well.

@Paula, I agree with you about there not really being a best way; I think you learn as you earn, learn from others, work with others, gather a mentor, or mentors together and tweek and add things as you go along, using a multitude of avenues.

@Joseph, thank you very much for the compliments and taking time to further promote the article. As well, thank you for the compliment about being a welcoming addition here; your welcome to use any "key phrases" you like.

@Kat, as well thank you for your positive comments; I'd definitely like to be contributing in any way I can to benefit TGRP program and the team as a whole.
I love your quote/comment: Team Work - Makes the Dream Work! ~ can I use it?........

As for everyone else that commented, a grateful thank you as well.
Dec 2nd 2010 06:52   
Katrina O. Professional   Indiana Water Filters
But of course Corey! Reading your writings here, tells me you will become a vital member of our team! I see a bright future for you!
Dec 2nd 2010 06:59   
Sean North Professional   Business
hi Corey, magnificent post, thought provoking and well balanced,
I would agree with you first statement that the internet is a vast market and unbelieveably still untouched market.
I would echo the opinions of previous posters that there is no one defined way to successfully market on the internet.
My most succesful method and best converting method is targeted marketing seeking out the sites ,networks and forums where my customer profile hang out and building relationships with them, I dont generate huge masses of traffic however the conversion rate is 60 -80% as a mean average.
As for people selling the same product being more successful that can sometimes be smoke and mirrors as often once the true costs (monetary and man hours) of the sales - conversions are totted up against sales many show a loss,
Dec 2nd 2010 07:25   
Corey Blackmur Committed   Blackmur Global
Thanks for the input Sean and the kudos as well; I wanted the post to be thought provoking, sometimes I need something to give my mind a jumpstart so it doesn't go stagnant.

Pretty amazing to have 60-80% conversion rate for your targetted traffic through social networks and forums. I'm new enough to this end of it and didn't realize the conversion percentages could be so high.
I'll have to keep close tabs on that.
Dec 2nd 2010 09:41   
Sean North Professional   Business
@ Corey Those conversion rates are prequalified and the results of building relationships within the specific targeted customer groups for the product base, i.e. product; english handmade saddles, Target communities, sites, forums would be horse and hound community, show jumping community ,pony club ect
I tend to be very specific on targeting and I hope diffferent to the norm. anyway it works for me and the products I promote, the bonus sales - conversion are the result not the aim
Dec 2nd 2010 10:24   
Tam Zamila Professional   Gov staff
importing information for online marketing ..thanks guy,.
Dec 2nd 2010 10:53   
Warren Contreras Magnate I   Old Retired Guy
If you consider all the material all over the Internet, you would think that whatever 'best' way you come up with would include a list. Since ApSense is currently offering a Christmas Countdown event to help up build our own, that might be a good place to start.
Dec 2nd 2010 11:33   
Laverne Arsenault Committed   Internet Marketer,blogger
cory,enjoy very much your articles, I write blog participate in some forums, post ads, I do social media still learning,
Dec 2nd 2010 15:33   
Agus Pramono Advanced   Freelance
n order to be able to reach so many people and be so cost effective it's going to be almost impossible to accomplish effectively any other way than by the internet
Dec 2nd 2010 16:04   
Vps Malhotra Magnate II   Free Lancer
"Driving traffic to our site's and then converting that traffic to sales is the key to our success as internet marketer's, without it we don't survive, or become successful and profitable. "
Dec 2nd 2010 19:27   
Chris Bagley Freshman   
I would like to say first that APSense is truely an awesome business networking site from what i have seen so far. I think good things are going to come my way from making contacts through this website.
Corey, I have tried a little bit of everything that didnt cost me a lot of money.
I have dont pay per clicks throught google and yahoo....completely useless.
I have tried networking through facebook and other community sites...only slightly better results.
I have tried adverising in newspapers and such....same results.
You have to have a catch the eye ad.
You have to have patience.
You have to ask the right questions, which you have and are doing.
Most important of all, you have to get responces from people that know what they are talking about.
So where does that leave us and you?
We obviously need help from someone who does internet marketing for a living to help and give advise....IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE WHO CAN HELP???
Dec 18th 2010 11:34   
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