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A group for business owners to discuss all business issues. From back office support to tricks of the trade, a place to share and learn from other business owners. Please don't be shy, introduce yourself so we can get to know each other.

While we want to know what business you are in and what you do, let's do the honorable thing. We ask that you do not try to sell or recruit, simply share ideas and information. While we don't want ads here, please feel free to include your web address or link in your signature line so interested members can contact you.

Note-All duplicate content, spam and ads will be deleted immediately. If it is your intent to join this group to place a cut and paste ad, the post will be deleted and you will be blocked

9-23-10: It seems a reminder is needed. It is made very clear that ALL Ads will be removed and the offending member blocked. Today I had to remove an ad and block a member. I am very serious about this group being spam and ad free. No second chances, place a spam ad and out you go.Please be aware that this is a public group and like all public groups, postings must be made in English.