Why is the editor NOT working?

Asked by Franto Hruz, in Others
I created an article few days ago & like to make some changes to it, but all I get is the 404 page not found error message !!! How long will this take to fix ?


Ashish Gautam Innovator  Digital Marketing Manager
Please check you link.
Jun 22nd 2018 08:35   
Morish B. Committed   business
You need to check the link address. 404 error means you are looking for the page which does not exist.

Means you have put wrong URL address. Possible the article is removed.
Jun 22nd 2018 10:49   
Franto Hruz Magnate I Pro   - More Value for Our Team Members
I am editing the article - so it does exist! When I try to save the edited copy, that's when the 404 error pops up and my work doesn't get saved ... that's the problem - the editing system has to be fixed - understand now? :)
Jun 22nd 2018 13:08   
CUSP Surgeons Innovator  Practicing Excellence & Building Trust
May be your point is too low, that's should be min 20 to show your post.
Jun 23rd 2018 07:44   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
404 error means the link is bad. Not yours but the Apsense link to the editing script. Only the admin can fix this. Hopefully he will see it
Jun 23rd 2018 09:08   
Franto Hruz Magnate I Pro   - More Value for Our Team Members
Thanks fail acy! The only reply which makes good sense - all the others are missing the point - ahahaha

I am hoping it will catch their attention, but support is not very quick here & they don't even bother to respond to support requests - it would be funny if it wouldn't be so serious a problem!
Jun 23rd 2018 15:00   
Ly trang Freshman  thoaihoa
notworking with link?
Jun 24th 2018 23:29   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II   Better World Partisan
Franto, maybe You should contact Wincer, the owner/admin @wincer via chat or PM - if it is due a bug in the system, I am sure he will fix it A.S.A.P. ;-)
Jun 25th 2018 04:40   
Mary Linda Committed  Quicken Tech Services
maybe article wesite issues
Jun 25th 2018 08:10   
Maryam Ghanem Advanced  Business consultant.
maybe not in the office..
Jun 25th 2018 21:55   
Mina ibrow Henna Advanced  Buy Mina Ibrow Henna Online
maybe not in the office.. or 404 error
Jun 27th 2018 08:01   
Hrhelp Board Advanced  HRhelpboard is global hr, hrms, myhr portal for H
may be website issue , article is not public version
Jun 28th 2018 02:20   
Franto Hruz Magnate I Pro   - More Value for Our Team Members
I now discovered the problem!

The editor let's you change the title of the article - BUT - when it comes to updating it, it can't find an article with the name given by the new title ... how silly is that?

The fix would either require:

1 - not changes to the titles of the article,
2 - a message to save the new copy, delete the old & repost the new copy with a new title, or
3 - a simple script modification which does what the # 2 option describes automatically

Hallo Wincer, are you listening?
Jun 30th 2018 14:45   
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