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I started out using PTC sites as a way to earn a bit of money. Since then moved mostly to GPT sites where I worked as mod/admin until finally taking it over completely in May 2012. Also employed by a major CPA affiliate

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Marivic S. Advanced
I'd like to recommend you this person.He's friendly and approachable.

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Suzie K. Senior
hi . nice to be friends . I see you are a money hunter eh .well ,i am still learning to be one . greetz

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Vps Malhotra Magnate II  
What do you want from me ? Article has been wonderfully written It is the essense of all relation ships but very few yes very few understand it and very very few follow it To me it is like "proposing" too blunt a method & you are lost You have done great service to Apsense community in putting up in simplest terms which I have liked and commeted as "It is tremendous article and sanest piece of internet advice pearled in simplest of words for furthering ones interests on internet nay in all walks of life that I have come accross I am tempted to put the essense this post on my blog no doubt with credits to 'faiiacy' and with her kind permission Well done Here I would do C&P "It's all about building long-term working business relationships, after all".WHAT DO YOU WANT ?" All the best to you Warmest Greetings from India Delhi For your success in writing and advising and Happiness
Sarah Gibson Advanced  
Awesome Business I Love It You'll Love It Check It Out Toltally Awesome.^_^

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Jeremy Linder Committed  
Thanks for adding me as one of your connections faii acy.

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