SEO: Is there an option for a "do-follow" link on this website?

Asked by Sam Goldstein, in Internet & eBusiness
I wanted to write an article for my web... but the links here are no-followed links.


Adrina Martinez Advanced  Personal Loan Lender
Apsense Article provide the same do-follow link hope you enjoy . Have a nice day
Feb 8th 2018 07:56   
Himani Mathur Advanced   Content Writer
Apsense dont give do-follow.
Feb 9th 2018 00:06   
Amit Kumar Professional  Digital Marketing Experts
Apsene give do-follow & no-follow both.
Feb 9th 2018 00:42   
Maggie S. Advanced   Web Developer
Depend on your articles, Apsense allow do follow and no-follow link
Feb 9th 2018 07:18   
Red Pixels Junior  Best Software Training Course in Delhi, India
Here providing you both DO-FOLLOW & NO-FOLLOW. Enjoy and keep posting.
Feb 9th 2018 10:05   
Eajaz Alam Magnate I   Seo Company
Apsene give do-follow link
Feb 10th 2018 02:53   
Ananya Chopra Advanced  Seo Analyst
Apsene give do-follow & no-follow both according to your article quality.
Feb 10th 2018 05:23   
Sekhar p. Advanced  SEO Specialist
Apsense provided both do-follow and no-follow link
Feb 10th 2018 05:38   
BRUCE F. Advanced   Entrepreneur
Hello Sam,
The only "Follow" link(s) you will get from APSense are the ones you create yourself in several places. Here is what has worked well for me and several other members

. #1) Set up your Brand Marketing Center - www[dot]apsense[dot]com/bmc/start - In the "ABOUT" section (fifth tab) write a 300 to 600 word article about your business. Include a link to your site in that article. Place a good image that relates to your business in that article, Use a keyword in Image name and in ALT description. Post article to APSense, white about your BRAND CENTER of Facebook and link to Business Center. Wait two days. Post the keyword named image on Pinterest. Wait two more days. Get a BLOG or SITE in your niche to write 300 to 600 words about your site, Wait two more days. Submit to gigablast[dot]com/ - Wait two more days. Look for your site in Google. If it's not there, submit it. Do Bing the next day.

#2) Set up your APSense Business Center www[dot]apsense[dot]com/bizcenter/about. Follow the same drill as you did in the brand center., article length, waiting, Pinterest, facebook, etc.Since there are several pages in the Business Center, write about different services/aspects of your business and include a "Longtail Link" (a link to somewhere other than the first page) - you will have several outstanding "follow" links from APSense. Now when you write articles in APSense, include your website URL as just plain text, don't make it a link, just include:
httpDOTS//yoursitetopromeDOTcom/ and your sites name in the text. Google likes that, doesn't look like you're trying too hard. It's considered "People talking about your site" Now start adding backlinks slowly, Every 2 to 4 days. You'll be fine. Check out this backlinks service, j[dot]mp/100backlinks , target their free links to your keywords. Add these free links slowly, one or (two max) a week. - remember; Slow and steady, and you'll be great!

If you could give me a couple of "likes" it would be appreciated,
just replace [dot] with a dot . - Thanks
Feb 10th 2018 17:08   
Eajaz Alam Magnate I   Seo Company
thanks BRUCE F. and thanks all
Feb 11th 2018 03:56   
Bestway Basements Junior  Basement Remodeling
Apsene give do-follow & no-follow both according to your article quality.
Feb 12th 2018 02:14   
Ravi Dutt Sharma Senior   Digital Marketing
i am also known about that kind of situation. that's right ya not.
Feb 13th 2018 00:12    Edited in Feb 13th 2018 00:15
Kanika Goyal Committed  Online Consumer Forum
It provides dofollow and nofollow both links.
Feb 13th 2018 00:49   
Carin Blake Innovator  Technical Support Ireland
yes! you can get do-follow link form posting link in groups.
Feb 14th 2018 06:17   
James Smith Advanced  Business
Apsene give do-follow & no-follow both.
Feb 25th 2018 23:56   
Dhiren Parmar Innovator  Magento Developer
add article for do follow links
Feb 27th 2018 01:20   
SEO Khazana Advanced  seokhazana
Apsense dont give do-follow.
Mar 1st 2018 09:02   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II   Better World Partisan
Check Your links in Your articles / revpages / brand-pages / business center with [HTML] (button in editors) for the ' rel="nofollow" ' attribute in <a .. </a>. Links without it are "do-follow". ;-)
Mar 10th 2018 03:13    Edited in Mar 10th 2018 03:19
Jany Punk Innovator  PHP Development Company
how to make dofollow link?
Aug 27th 2018 08:08   
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