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About our Business

Voxya is a unique online consumer complaint forum trusted by more than 11,000 consumers across India. it helps consumers to resolve their complaints and help to get a replacement, refund and return as soon as possible. 

Voxya a consumer complaint forum online deals with Airline Complaints, Automobile Complaints, Banking Complaints, Postal Complaints, Medical Complaints, Travel Complaints, Telecom Complaints, E-commerce / Fraud Complaints, Insurance Complaints, Real Estate Complaints, Home Appliances Complaints, Electricity Complaints, Government Complaints, LPG / Petroleum Complaints, Food Safety Complaints, Mobile / Laptop Complaints, online fraud and any kind of consumer fraud.

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Consumer forum online managed by Kanika helped me in protecting the rights for goods and services and also helped in returning faulty goods. She can help resolve a complaint without going to court.
 - wisaalkaash1 January 3rd, 2020

she has very good in her field and good knowledge and experience in consumer service. I fully appreciate her work. Hope she is growing day by day and make her career bright.
 - dieselgenerator November 11th, 2018

I recommend Kanika who is a reliable APSense member who posts some interesting material
 - trafficexchangeguru November 10th, 2018

e has a lot of connections and recommendations. nice and techy guy.
 - dexeril May 22nd, 2018

Hi Kanika, is a very nice person. you are one of the best online consumer services provider. Its really nice.
 - brownsuggr May 11th, 2018