Taizy 1000L yogurt production line

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The main products of the 1000L yogurt production line include stirred yogurt, coagulated yogurt, reconstituted milk yogurt, and milk-containing beverages.
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  • 1000L yogurt production line equipment composition: milk storage tank; milk purification equipment; homogenization equipment; fermentation tank (fermentation room);
  • refrigeration equipment; sterilization equipment; filling equipment; cleaning equipment;
  • Process flow of 1000L yogurt production line:1. Technical requirements and ratio of raw materials:
  • Raw milk: It is fresh high-quality milk. It must not contain antibiotics or preservatives and other harmful bacteria. It is best to have a fat content of about 315%,
  • a non-fat milk solid content of about 817%, and a protein content of about 313% to 318%. The acidity should be Fetal and colostrum must not be used below 18 T.
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Granulated sugar: dry, white and shiny, no agglomeration, sweet and pure, no odor, no inclusions are allowed, and the ratio of fresh milk to sugar is 100: 10. The method of adding sugar is generally adding sugar to a small amount of raw milk, heating, dissolving and filtering, then pouring into the raw milk and mixing uniformly.

2. Heat treatment of milk:

In order to kill the bacteria in the milk and facilitate the reproduction of lactic acid bacteria, it is required to use a sterilization method at 85-90 C for 30 minutes, or an ultra-high temperature instant sterilization method at 135 C and 2s, and excessive heat treatment will destroy vitamins and beneficial bacteria. Growing substances that affect the flavor of the product.

3. Cooling:

The raw milk should be cooled immediately after sterilization, and the temperature should be the optimal temperature of the bacteria.For example, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus should be controlled at about 40 C, while Streptococcus lactis and Streptococcus lactis should be controlled at 35 C. about.

4. Vaccination:

This process is absolutely critical, requiring workers, tools and equipment to be aseptic and to prevent pollution. Before the starter is added, its vitality must be measured. When the vitality is about 0.14, it can be added in an amount of 5%. When it is higher or lower than 0.14, it can be increased or decreased appropriately. After addition, it must be stirred evenly. Generally mixed strains are better than single strains. Generally, Bacillus can decompose part of casein and provide nitrogen source for cocci to promote the growth of cocci. Cocci can produce formic acid during milk fermentation to promote the growth and development of bacillus. Therefore, the use of mixed strains can speed up the coagulation of milk. Generally bulgaricus: Streptococcus thermophilus is 1: 1, bulgaricus: Streptococcus lactis is 1: 4.

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