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by Joseph Botelho Investing One Gram at a Time
Just another outstanding feature that we here at APSense has to offer all our members. Just one of our communities we have here. Enjoy and share your fishing stories. We all have one..
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  • Share your fishing story with other members, grow with this community.
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  • The ability to promote your favorite fishing equipment and lakes.
  • Introduce new members to this community, Create New Fishing Groups, write Articles.
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Review on APSense, Fishing Life Community

We all have the ability to create streams of income, fishing today is big business. When you see how many people actually take part and how much they actually spend in this very large industry, why should we not have a piece of this industry. This industry is so large and very well regulated, for the fisherman's to enjoy this wonderful sport. Following the rules of what and when your are allowed to catch a certain spices is vital for the survival of this sport. The industry has growing and over the years and has become a multi Billion dollar industry. The whole concept of this community is for our members who decide to participate in this community to teach and educate us all with tips, tricks, favorite equipment, what works and the ability to just have fun and perhaps even tell the odd fish story. We welcome "NEW MEMBERS" to join and share stories about your best fishing trip...Let's Have Fun...

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Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
We are looking for members to join our community, whether your are a fisherman or not, you will enjoy this community. This is just another way of expression your talents here at APSense hope you do join and make this New Community a success..

We need your stories, pictures and most of all learning new tips, tricks, and your favorite fishing holes...

So what are you waiting for....

All The Best
Joseph F. Botelho
Apr 15th 2011 18:43   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
Don't forget the events section! if you know of any upcoming fishing tournaments Please post them!

I plan on adding the Destin FL Fishing rodeo but you have to wait until October to attend! :-(
Apr 15th 2011 19:38   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Thanks Chery, yes with summer and a whole new season coming up we will all being posting some sort of an upcoming fishing event. Lets have fun share and most all join our community.....thanks and welcome aboard..

Chery l promise if you pay for my accommodation and flight l will come to that event in October you have a lot of time to SAVE......:} AT LEAST THINK ABOUT IT...
Apr 15th 2011 19:43   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
I still have contacts at my old job. I'm sure they could find you some free accommodations as long as you don't mind the occasional Drunk and disorderly roommate! lol!
Apr 15th 2011 20:21   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time

It would be a real fishing trip then, why we all have stories and none are true...we all have way more cocktails then we actually say we did.....important rule never tell anyone your actually drunk ....always add a few inches and pounds to your catch....who will remember..we are all drinking...

SO YEA I WOULD FEEL AT HOME...take you up on that offer..............:}
Apr 15th 2011 20:26   
Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
Quite a wonderful community.but it restricted to only those in fishing industries' okay with rewards.
Apr 16th 2011 07:10   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Hello Nordichuks, No it is not at all restricted to those only in the fishing industry. This community is all about the love of the wonderful sport called fishing. We just want to share tricks, tips, lures that work spots that you have enjoyed...stories about fishing more of a fun community then anything else.

I hope this helps clear the small confusion you have with it being a business or all about the industry.

If you have any question send me an email...thanks
Apr 16th 2011 08:06   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
@Nordichuks the only thing restricted to the fishing community is the ability to openly market products etc. And that may only be done in the Marketplace. There is a specific honor needed and members must ask for it.
Apr 16th 2011 08:18   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Very good point Cheryl, we all must follow the rules of our community for it to be successful and spam free. Vital.....
Apr 16th 2011 08:19   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
I don't go fishing a lot, but I have a few funny stories to share, I will join the community :)

Let's not stop promoting the APSense communities
Apr 16th 2011 11:00   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Welcome aboard Philippe, you have the right attitude to make our communities here at APSense work...

All the matters...
Apr 16th 2011 11:02   
Selya Rollins Professional   Creative Imagery
This is a wonderful idea, David loves fishing.
Apr 16th 2011 17:39   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
@Rollins we're still waiting to hear about the one that got away!
Apr 16th 2011 19:25   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time

YOU all know this is going to be a great community....we are going to enjoy something totally off the pictures and dreams of the big ONE will com true.....

Lets all enjoy....l created a new group in the community regarding fishing terms...and what they stand for...

Cheryl had done a great far...planed the seeds for the future....the rest is up to us....

see l gave this lady my l am going stick to that...

Apr 16th 2011 19:31   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
Thanks Joseph and I already joined the group and added a post asking for the REAL definitions of the word fishing like-drowning bait!
Apr 16th 2011 19:54   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Wow, my friend that is a good start..........answer a question wit a an art....let me go see and answer it...

good call>>:}
Apr 16th 2011 20:06   
James McKee Senior   
This is very good site. It contains alot of content.
Apr 17th 2011 08:13   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Thank you James, did you have a look at the community and have you joined our community as of yet..

We are still looking for new members for this community..
Apr 18th 2011 09:09   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
By they way for all you fisherpeople, what bait shop do you frequent? You have a nice little referral link now that you can give to the owner of that bait shop or other fishing related business where they can join a community focused on fishing and they may also promote their shop or business through the Marketplace.
Apr 18th 2011 10:59   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
I mostly go to Canadian Tire for fishing shopping for equipment, for worms, I go to...uh... Lord, I haven't gone fishing since moving to Quebec city 8 years ago, I went for fun with my kids with their toy fishing rods only
Apr 18th 2011 11:21   
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