Why Staff Augmentation is the best way to power up your company

by Muoro Io Build Remote Engineering Teams

Staff augmentation is one of the best ways to deal with talent crunch. Now, there is no need to look for resources only in your city, but you can get remote teams from across the globe. According to research and statistics, the IT outsourcing market is expected to reach the mark of $481.27 billion by the year 2022 in comparison to the mark of $314.92 billion as of the year 2015. This shows that talent acquisition has become easier and faster with Staff augmentation.


Most of the time, people mistake staff augmentation for outsourcing but in actual staff augmentation is way to add skilled technical talent to your team based on the talent shortage being faced by the company, thus helping your build your extended dedicated development teams. There is a subtle but noticeable difference between staff augmentation and outsourcing.  Staff augmentation is an extension of the company’s in-house team with additional work. The vendor/ service provider helps the client to expand, renovate or build their software team. It is different from other work models.

 Staff augmentation can power up your company in multiple ways -


      It helps build a powerful team - Staff augmentation deals with talent crunch. Top staff augmentation companies like Muoro can provide you with the talent to match your company’s needs. It is a cost-effective way of staffing up your business when the need arises, and it helps improve operational efficiency by optimizing workload distribution. Unlike other outsourcing companies Muoro helps you augment your current team with dedicated engineers. Muoro isn’t an aggregator but a direct provider of dedicated technical resources that are part of our in-house pool of engineers.


     Better control over your team - You have better control over your team with staff augmentation.  Your company is in control of the hiring and firing process, giving it a say on what happens to its staff. It has more or less full reign over how they work as well. Muoro is entirely flexible to scale up or scale down according to the client’s needs. You have full control over your team, and they will be answerable to you. With Muoro, you get full transparency and control over how the engineer performs as well as the reporting mechanism. Muoro is fully liable for any discrepancy you may face during the whole tenure.


     Track your workforce - With staff augmentation, you can track the number of hours worked by each employee and make sure that they are not overworked. You can also communicate with team members weekly or daily to gauge their progress. Muoro gives you complete freedom to treat the remote team as your own so you can track their productivity and results. With outsourcing, you only get to see the outcome, not oversee the process.


 Employees that are on staff augmentation can work at their own pace and in different time zones as long as they produce the required results. While in outsourcing, the client only gets to see the end product but with staff augmentation client is the part of the process. And the employees are part of the team. Muoro’s software engineers are pre-vetted, highly trained, and adaptive so, they can be an actual part of your team.

Muoro’s engineers do not engage anywhere else while they are deployed as part of your team and are dedicated to your company only. We provide one to one resource and do not aggregate random engineers. Unlike other platforms we merely do not connect engineers to the company, rather we take sole responsibility of our engineers and what they deliver. Our engineers are nurtured further as part of your company’s development culture when they are on bench. We tend to create an environment for our developers that makes them standout in the developer community through skill enhancement and recreational activities. Muoro’s engineers are our assets and hence unlike other staffing companies we are able to build remote engineering teams for you quickly.


     Robust team management - With the staff augmentation model, the process of team management becomes easier. Both the client as well as the service provider have the ability to manage the remote team. While the client overlooks the development process, results, and feedback, the service provider is the talent provider. Both of them have to work seamlessly for the project to be successful


This type of arrangement is perfect for companies that have specific skill gaps, need to scale up or down quickly depending on project or product requirements; staff augmentation allows them to avoid paying training costs. With Muoro, you could also gain access to variable skill set that is available on demand and within your budget. Muoro is a staff augmentation company that can power up your business with its effective work model. It is different from other outsourcing companies because it is a unique brand that offers Engineers a service. Muoro is the top staff augmentation company that bridges the gap between how engineers are hired by cutting the middle man and directly providing you the right talent at your disposal. If you want to build your team or are facing a talent crunch, Muoro is here to fill the talent gap. Our engineers have already gone through multi stage screening process, hence we can deploy our engineers within 72 hours, after you have interviewed them and are satisfied. We take pride in what we provide and leave no stone unturned so that you can hire the best remote software engineer. Leave it up to us to find the best engineers in the game for you and witness success through our remote engineering teams.

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