Remote Software Development teams: Why Choose Them

by Muoro Io Build Remote Engineering Teams

Remote work culture wasn’t appreciated until the pandemic. When the coronavirus hit most countries in the world, it led to quarantines and nationwide lockdowns. Commuting and sharing workplaces became next to impossible. Work from home became the new normal.

“ According to Statista,  before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, 17 percent of U.S. employees worked from home 5 days or more per week, a share that increased to 44 percent during the pandemic.”


Safe to say, the pandemic accelerated the remote work culture. Employers are now shifting towards hiring remote talent because it makes the job easier.  Forbes mentioned that 96% of employers believe that remote work is here to stay. Speaking of which, remote software development teams are on the rise. Companies in need of developers and software engineers are open to building teams remotely.

There are many upsides of having remote teams-

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     Cost-effective: To build an effective workplace, you need a physically attractive office and an impressive technological infrastructure, which are highly expensive to create. But with remote software development teams, there is no need to invest in an office space or any high-end technological infrastructure. On top of that, the cost of hiring full-time software developers is way more than hiring software developers remotely. It reduces the costs significantly.


     Higher Productivity: The freedom and flexibility of working remotely can do wonders. Employees work in a more relaxed environment which increases their productivity. While a full-time developer may not be able to work with 100% concentration during a 9-5 job, a developer can complete a task in reduced time if s/he works remotely. Hiring remote software development teams means high productivity at low costs.


     Meet niche requirements better: All developers have a specific skill set. Hiring full-time developers means banking on the same skill set for a long time, even when it is not required. But hiring remote software engineers on contract is more efficient because they can meet the niche requirements in a healthier way and can be easily scaled up or down as per the need of the project. Moreover, when hiring in a global landscape it eliminates the problem of talent shortage, which is the major challenge for tech enabled organizations. Whether it is a niche tech stack or common technology framework, smart remote teams can handle the task professionally.


     Time-saving: A traditional process of hiring can take anywhere from 1- 3 months. But when there is an urgent requirement of software developers for specific projects, employers do not have that kind of time on their hands. Hiring remote teams or a single resource through an engineering and talent building company saves time. A remote dedicated team will be more focused on completing the project within the given deadline than a full-time worker.


     Get on-board with remote work culture: Even before the pandemic, the digital nomad trend had picked pace. People around the world quit full-time jobs to travel the world. But they worked as freelancers to support their way of life. With the rise in remote work culture, businesses don't need to relocate to a tech hub to run a successful business.


     Hire the best talent from anywhere around the world: Sometimes, the best person for the job isn’t in the same city as the employer. But with remote teams, it has become possible to get the best talent for projects despite the different locations. The location of a resource isn’t a drawback anymore. Employers can hire a top team of developers from around the world for their project needs. 


Remote software engineering teams are the future of digital product development. They have a number of benefits, including cost-effectiveness, productivity, and time-saving. Muoro is an international company specializing in building remote software development teams from all over the world with highly talented individuals who can tackle any project- big or small. We’ve solved some complex problems for reputed companies and have created innovative technology products faster than ever before, by providing engineers on demand.


Muoro is not an outsourcing company, it does not use the traditional hiring process. It is a new-generation staff augmentation company that can directly provide the required talent for you within 72 hours. They have a large talent pool of qualified and pre-vetted software engineers, who work for them full-time. Muoro shortlists the resource/ or the team according to your technical needs and assigns them to your project. Once the project is complete, their work is done. During the project, if the client needs to change the team or the resource Muoro can be flexible enough to re-assign a team. With Muoro

     You save the time you invest in the traditional hiring process.

     You get the right resource at the right cost.

     Muoro is flexible enough to reassign resources if clients aren’t satisfied.

  You have full control over the team and resources until the project is closed.

    Engineers are deployed to the clients on a contractual basis who need additional staff.

     You can hire Silicon Valley caliber engineers at half the cost.

     All the developers have across 100+ skill sets to meet every need from Python to Data engineering.

     Interview the shortlisted engineers and have your pick from the pool.

     Pay only if you are satisfied. (You pay nothing if you stop working with Muoro within 2 weeks)


If you want help creating your own team of talent or just need a single resource, Muoro can get you the right talent within 72 hours. The process is fast, cost-effective, and easy. You can also review resumes and start a no-risk trial after a consultation call. If you want you can reach out to us at (x)- we would love to talk about how our services could benefit your business today!

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