Why Non-Surgical Hair Replacement is a Safe and Effective alternative to Hair Transplant

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Non-surgical hair replacement is considered a safe and effective alternative to hair transplant because it involves non-invasive methods, such as hairpieces, wigs, or topical treatments, which don't require surgical procedures. These methods can provide natural-looking results without the risks and recovery associated with surgery. 

Additionally, non-surgical options are more suitable for individuals who may not be a good fit for hair transplant surgery due to some specific factors.

What is a Non-Surgical hair replacement system?

This procedure is typically known as the ultimate cause of baldness that doesn't involve surgery.

More commonly it is also referred to as a hair replacement system that involves covering the area affected by thinning hair or receding hairline with a membrane and original hair attachments. 

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant on the other side is completely different from the non-surgical hair replacement system where you will find the typical surgery taking place on the temples and crown areas of your head.

Hair transplant comes with a whole curated procedure in which the hairs will be planted on your bald area from the back or sides of the head directly to the front or top part of the head. 

Hair transplant occurs under professionals with utmost precision.

The pattern baldness is the cause for all the majority of hair loss, this actually comes with the genetics and the remaining causes are due to various reasons listed below  :

  1. Diet

  2. Stress 

  3. illness

  4. Hormonal imbalance etc.

How does non-surgical hair replacement work?

Non-surgical hair replacement consists of methods starting from hairpieces, wigs, or hair extensions to cover areas of hair loss or thinning.

These hairpieces are made out of synthetic or original hair and are custom-designed as well to match the individual's natural hair colour, texture, and style. They are then fixed or settled to the scalp using various tactics such as clips, adhesives, or hair weaving techniques to create a natural-looking appearance.

The results you see can be way better as the technology has done wonders in the medical field, whereas the art of securing the whole system and having the replacement hair look nearly natural and perfect.

On a side note, non-surgical hair replacement systems are usually picturised as an alternative to hair transplantation, as the name displays. But it is important to understand that hair transplant is a complete surgical process and non-surgical is not!!

Non-surgical hair replacement is a semi- permanent solution and requires consistent maintenance to ensure the hairpiece remains in good condition and blends seamlessly with the person's existing hair.

How does hair transplant work?

Hair transplant is a full surgical process that involves moving hair follicles from one part of the head (usually the back or sides of the scalp, where hair is more resistant to balding) to the bald areas with thinning or no hair (typically the crown and temple areas of the head)

FYI : The most usual type of hair transplant is known as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and there's also Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

In FUT technique,  a strip of scalp containing hair follicles is implanted from the donor area. The wound is then sutured, leaving a thin scar that can be covered by surrounding hair. The strip is then divided into individual follicular units under a microscope.

In FUE, individual hair follicles are extracted one by one using a specialised punch tool from the donor area. This leaves tiny, dot-like scars that are less or not all noticeable and allow the patient to wear shorter hairstyles.

Once the hair follicles are settled or planted, they are carefully implanted into the recipient area, making sure to maintain the natural growth pattern. The small incisions made in the recipient area heal within a few days, and the transplanted hair starts to grow gradually over several months.

Hair transplant procedures are typically performed under local anaesthesia, making them relatively safe and with low downtime. The results can be long-lasting and natural-looking, providing a permanent solution for hair loss in suitable individuals. 

However, it's always suggestable to get in touch with a professional surgeon to determine if you are a capable individual for the procedure and to discuss the specific requirements best suited for your needs.

Why should I choose a non-surgical hair replacement system?

The most common yet the most asked question where everyone feels a bit stuck but not to worry as following factors will draw a pathway for you where you will find all your answers of why you should choose nonsurgical hair replacement.

First thing first,

  1. Non-surgical hair replacement systems, also known as hair pieces or wigs, provide an immediate solution to cover bald spots.

  1. These systems are typically made from synthetic hair, human hair, or a blend of both.

  1. They come in various types, such as full wigs, partial hairpieces, toupees, and hair extensions, to meet all the specific needs.

  1. Non-surgical hair replacement systems are customizable, allowing individuals to choose the length, density, and style that best suits their areas of choice.

Secondly, the very best thing that makes a non-surgical replacement system a better option doesn't require surgery, and poses fewer risks compared to surgical hair restoration procedures.

It also offers immediate results without a lengthy recovery period, and it's typically more affordable. Additionally, non-surgical options can be customised to match the person's hair colour, texture, and style, providing a natural appearance.


In conclusion, For individuals considering non-surgical hair replacement in London, the advantages are evident. The procedure involves various techniques, such as attaching hair pieces with clips, adhesives, or weaving, resulting in a seamless and natural appearance. However, it's essential to understand that while non-surgical hair replacement is a viable option, it is not a surgical procedure like hair transplant.

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