Is Hair Transplant Surgery Effective For Very Young Men With Advanced Hair Loss?

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Hair loss patients usually look for a permanent solution for hair loss with the help of a Hair Transplant Surgeon in Ahmedabad. Authentic hair transplant surgeons do not treat the patients immediately but they are supposed to check the scalp and hair. By doing this, they try to find out whether you are a perfect candidate for the surgery or not.

The age of the patients along with the progression of baldness is the main factor that decides the candidacy of the hair loss patient.  

However, there is no definitive age to get hair transplant surgery since each hair loss patient has different body traits.

Experts say that whenever a surgeon must examine the degree of hair loss to be sure that hair transplant is an appropriate option or not.

The degree of baldness is usually examined with the help of the Norwood scale. According to this scale, progression is divided into seven phases. Every next phase is more severe than the previous phase.

A Brief Description Of Each Phase is Provided Below

Phase 1:

At this stage, no hair loss is observed in any area of the scalp. The patients may witness an increased quantity of fallen hairs but no visible effects are there.

Phase 2:

This phase is the start of hair loss around the temples. Also, the hairline shows a slight recession with excessive hair fall.

Phase 3:

Now, baldness is clearly visible and the visible recession goes to the point where no hairs are found in the temporal regions. This phase starts hair thinning on the top of the head and some balding spots on the crown area are possible.

Phase 4:

The patients may lose large patches of hairs and bald spots are more evident on the scalp. More hair thinning takes place in the crown area.

Phase 5:

Hair loss on the crown area and hair loss on the temporal the region is about to merge to make a large bald area on the scalp. The hairline continues to recess to the point where a horseshoe-shaped pattern is observable.

Phase 6:

A large portion of hair is gone and you will notice a large bald area on the scalp. Only a little hair remains on the crown area.

Phase 7:

Only a thin layer of the hair remains on the crown area with a fully bald scalp, in this phase, the treatment of hair loss is almost impossible.

Look at this progression pattern and imagine if you go for the treatment while stage 4 is taking place. After the surgery, the progression is going to continue to form new bald areas on your scalp. It all means an unnatural and odd look of your partly bald scalp.

Therefore, a wise surgeon would like to wait for some more years to ensure the baldness is not going to progress in the near future.

Finally, you can go to the Avenues clinic any time if you feel you are going to experiencing hair loss in the near future. The clinic provides a permanent solution for hair loss at a reasonable Hair Transplant Cost in India. the experts of the clinic are supposed to examine your scalp thoroughly before they decide to perform the hair transplant surgery.

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