Why Is Sterling Silver So Popular?

by Andrew Wilson Online Jewelry Store

Silver is quite similar in character and composition to that of metals like copper and gold. It is a very soft metal with a high polish. In comparison with gold, it lacks hardness but has several uses when combined with other metals. Silver is one of the oldest metals known to humans from prehistoric times besides mercury, tin, iron, lead, copper, and gold. It is a highly reactive metal when compared to gold. The process of extraction from ores is tougher when you mine. There is a higher demand for silver jewelry like sterling silver bracelets and more.

If you are looking for cool gifts for men, sterling silver can be the best option. Well, to give you an idea of what sterling silver is all about and whether it is the same as silver, read below for more details.

Is Sterling Silver Metal Made of Real Silver?

·         Sterling silver is silver that comes in an alloyed state and is most suitable to make jewelry or metalwork. If we talk about fine silver, it is 99.9 percent pure. The metal not only looks beautiful but also not susceptible to tarnish easily.

·         Fine silver is used with copper to form sterling silver. It means there is 92.5 percent of pure silver and 7.5 percent of copper. The benefit of mixing copper with silver is that it makes silver sturdier and hence designing jewelry and other metalwork is easy. You also don’t need to compromise on color.

·         Most of the silver jewelry nowadays is made of sterling silver and hence there is a lot of demand for sterling silver bracelets.

·         Although it has many advantages, the only flipside is that there is a higher chance of tarnish due to the mixing of copper. But, if you know how to use it with care, and clean it with proper instructions, it can remain in the best condition. Also, it saves the metal from catching rust.

Sterling silver is one of the ideal choices to make as most people prefer this metal over gold and platinum. It is less expensive compared to these metals and hence people can easily afford it. There are cool gifts for men made of sterling silver if you wish to gift your partner.

Caring Tips

The solver is softer and hence you need to take more care when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it. Avoid using harsh substances like toothpaste or baking soda as they remove the metal coating over time. Do not spray perfumes or deodorants directly on them as it damages the metal. Thus, sterling silver is gaining immense popularity and millions of people across the globe prefer using it over other metals.

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