Why Sterling Silver is Best For Jewellery?

by Ornate Jewels Pure Silver Jewellery Online Store India
Sterling silver is one of the most sophisticated, versatile, timeless and beautiful alloys and deserves a place in everyone’s heart as one of the most loved precious metals. But most people don’t understand the importance of silver jewellery and this is because they didn’t know much about sterling silver. Most of them think that sterling silver is not pure silver but honestly we can’t use the pure silver.
Silver is one of the first 5 metals which were discovered. Pure silver metal is a soft affair which means that pure silver is incredibly soft in nature and can’t be used to make often worn jewellery. So, we have created sterling silver in which silver is 92.5% and rest are the different metals mostly copper to make it stronger. And the best part is the addition of another metal gives silver strength and durability without affecting its white grey appearance. And it makes it stronger so that we can make jewellery out of it. Sterling silver is one of the most commonly used metals in high-end and high-quality jewellery and accessories. Here’s everything about the silver and below we are listing a few points which will tell us why sterling silver is best for the jewellery?


The added metals in Sterling silver make it an incredibly durable material. In addition to it’s lightweight, this quality makes it the best to use as the jewellery. In necklaces, sterling silver provides a strong material that will not scratch or dent easily. Women get really frustrated when their earrings get wrapped out their original shape but it doesn’t happen with sterling silver jewellery. If you love to wear rings then you wanted to be exclusive, shinny and lightweight. All the properties which are found the silver jewellery. Buy Silver Jewellery online and bring home the best silver jewellery.


Sterling silver is very affordable and workable metal and due to its versatile nature designers love to do experiments with it. And it creates some of the best never seen silver jewellery. So, if you are searching for a piece of statement jewellery then we suggest you look at the exclusive collection of 925 sterling silver jewellery online at Ornate Jewels. Sterling silver allows you to create the piece of jewellery you’ve been dreaming about without restraining your budget.

Accessibility and Variety

There are so many new designs available in silver jewellery that you will build a presentable collection in one go. Silver jewellery is relatively affordable from other jewellery so you need a big investment before buying a piece of jewellery next time. Millenials likes to wear jewellery at every event and silver jewellery is best for such occasions. Easy accessibility and so many varieties make it the best in the current market.

These are the few reasons which justify why sterling silver is the best for jewellery. Find the piece that expresses your unique and personality. We here at Ornate jewels offer the best and new designs at a very affordable price so you can find a unique design for you and your loved ones without worrying about the cost.

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