Why Fluorescent Bulbs are widely in demand nowadays?

by Abhi Sharma Professional in Electronics Department
Presently, the popularity of fluorescent bulbs has increased appreciably. People who are very conscious about the environment prefer confiding on these bulbs. Manufactured with the base of normal bulbs, they are compatible with diverse types of home fixtures.

Fluorescent vs incandescent bulbs

Fluorescent bulb is more efficient as compared to incandescent bulbs. The major difference is the way both the bulbs produce light. Fluorescent bulbs use gas to generate an unseen ultraviolet light that stimulates white coating in the bulb. They do not use any heat to generate light, thereby saving energy. On the other hand, incandescent bulbs create light by burning filament in the bulb and during the process, it consumes considerable energy to heat the filament in the bulb.

Save Energy and Money

Philips Lighting, one of the best manufacturers of lighting products, offers vivid varieties of fluorescent bulbs and tubes. Recently, these bulbs have begun to enhance the sales volume. But do you know why people are opting for fluorescent bulb nowadays. The answer is obvious - to save energy. Where there is energy saving, there is money saving on electricity bills. People have now started to cut down the unnecessary expenses, no matter even if it has higher initial investment.

The inside working

You need to understand that a fluorescent bulb work in a completely different way. Its tube incorporates a gas made of mercury and argon. The ends (both) of the tube have electrode and there is a stable flow of electron from one to the other. The moment these electrons bump in mercury atoms, they stimulate the latter. The mercury atoms ought to go to their unexcited state and generate ultraviolet photons. Thus, the phosphorous inside coating of the bulb is hit by the photons, thereby giving light to it.

Advantages of fluorescent bulbs

Let us have a look at the advantages of fluorescent bulbs:

Apart from being energy efficient and long lasting, these bulbs offer many more advantages.

  • Energy proficient: The complete process liberates minimum amount of heat when compared to incandescent bulbs. To be specific, fluorescent bulbs are nearly 4-6 times more efficient than ordinary bulbs.

  • Environment-friendly: These bulbs conserve more energy and hence are safer for the environment.

  • Varieties: You can choose from among a huge variety of these bulbs available in different shapes and patterns. In addition, with recent technologies, you can easily fit these bulbs in your ordinary household fixtures.

  • Noise free: Incandescent bulbs take time to light up. However, in case of fluorescent bulbs, there is no such problem. The light that they release is softer, brighter and soothing to the eyes.

  • Long lasting: These bulbs last nearly 10 times more than the incandescent bulbs. The initial buying cost may be high, but in the long run, it actually saves your money.

The basic catch here is that Philips fluorescent bulbs generate lesser heat and give more light. This signifies that it is more effective than conventional incandescent light bulbs. So now you must be aware why people fluorescent bulbs are so much in demand. The best brand to buy these is Philips Lighting. You can search for the varieties at online portals.

Summary: You might have tried different bulbs in your home or office. Probably, fluorescent bulbs could be one of them; but if not, you can try them today itself. They ensure much more benefits than incandescent bulbs.

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