How IOT Lighting Can Make Our Lives Easier

by Abhi Sharma Professional in Electronics Department
Connecting luminaires to the internet of things is the next step to modernized lighting. IOT lighting can be very beneficial if used in the right way for the right purposes. Here are someways IOT lighting technology can make our lives much more comfortable.

IOT Lighting In Retail

There are tons of ways IOT lighting can be beneficial for both customers and retailers in the retail industry. One of the simplest ways IOT lights can help improve the shopping experience is by helping customers find products they are looking for by using a phone application from the particular supermarket. This can use visible light entering through the customer’s camera to help find the products they are searching for.

IOT lighting can be used to send customized deals to customers, depending on where they are located within the store and the products next to them. These offers can be personalized and then sent directly to their smartphone as they wander through the aisles of the supermarket.

IOT lighting can also help customers remember what’s on their shopping lists and alert them when they pass by those items inthe supermarket. This is through the smart phone app that can detect the customer’slocation.

IOT Lighting In Office Spaces

IOT lighting in offices can give facilities managers a clear picture of what areas of the buildings are hotspots, which areas are hardly used, and whether there needs to be an extension of the building to facilitate the needs of the employees.

It can help managers find out if meeting rooms that have been booked in advance are being currently used or are empty. IOT lighting can also detect motion in meeting or conference rooms ad turn off lights and air conditioners when not required.

IOT Lighting In Hospitals And Healthcare Centres

IOT lighting can have a ton of benefits and uses when implemented in hospitals or other health care centres. High-value portable equipment such as ultrasound machines and ECG machines can be remotely detected easily and save precious time searching for the equipment. IOT lighting can also be used to help patients and visitors find their way through hospital buildings and reduce interruptions to the staff, which may have more important matters to attend to.

IOT Lighting In Other Public Spaces

IOT lighting can automatically test emergency lighting and compile reports regarding its use and maintenance. IOT lights can deliver information to museum and gallery visitors about the exhibits as they come closer to it, using proximity sensors. IOT technology can save hotels and other big buildings a lot of money on utilities by turning off lights and air-conditioning in areas not in use. IOT lighting can deliver customized promotional offers and discounts to visitors or shoppers based on information about their shopping behaviours and lifestyle.

These are only a few possible applications of IOT lighting. There are many benefits to using IOT lights in different industries and they can help cut down costs and save the time and energy of users.

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