Why Do You Need Small Bowel Surgery Treatment

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The small bowel is the other name for small intestine which is a very important organ in the human body. The organ can help in transporting the waste products to the large intestine and absorb fluids and nutrients you have consumed. The small bowel is a long tube comprising of three different sections such as:

  • The first is the duodenum which is the first part of the organ. It joins your stomach to your small intestine. This is the entrée for the digestive enzymes in your body. 

  • The second or middle region is the jejunum which helps you in absorbing nutrients and then moving the food through your bowel. 

  • The final part is the ileum which helps in joining the two intestines, both large and small. 

Despite its importance, you might need details on small bowel surgery cost. To find out why to read on!

Reasons for the Small Bowel Surgery

You need a small bowel surgery in case you need to treat the following:

  1. Intestinal blockage
  2. Bleeding or infection, ulcers
  3. Cancer
  4. Crohn’s Disease, etc.

Types of Surgery

The surgery is basically of 2 different types namely, open and laparoscopic. The open surgery involves the surgeon to make a cut in the abdomen. Where and how much incision is required is dependent upon a variety of factors including the specific place of the body where the issue rests. 

What the surgeons do is that they clamp and remove the affected portion of your small intestine.

The second is the laparoscopic or robotic surgery. In this form of surgery, three to five smaller cuts are made. Then the surgeon pumps gas within your abdomen in order that your abdomen is inflated. 

This makes it easier to view the interiors and finally using miniature lights as well as cameras and small instruments they find out the diseased area. After this, they clamp and remove it. Often a robot helps in the surgery.

In both these types of surgery, in case there is enough small bowel let, it is sewed and then joined to the cut ends and then stapled. This is called the process of the anastomosis.  Anastamosis is very common in these surgeries.


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