5 Ways You can Determine Underwater Pipe Leak Around Your House

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Is your water bill unusually high even though you are using the same amount of water? Have you considered the fact that any underwater pipe surrounding or close to your house has leaked? This is a common reason for high water bills which people often ignore. You can be sure there has been a leak in your water pipes when your water bill suddenly raises over a short time. If you suspect a leak, you should take the following steps to determine the exact location of the hole.

Ways to do underwater pipe tracing in Winnetka CA

The following steps will give you an approximate idea about the location of the leaking pipe. They are:

Step 1
First, close all the taps of your house. Then observe the water meter and see notice any changes. If the water meter reading changes instantly, then you may assume that the leak is located at a pipe near to your building. If the reading changes after a few hours, then you may expect that the hole is located far from your building.
Step 2
After guessing the location, you must call the underground pipe company to locate the pipes near your home through the usage of metal detectors. If you have a backyard and a particular spot is damp, the company will check that spot only. In that way, the utility company can easily do Underground Pipe Tracing in Winnetka CA.

Step 3
If the pipe leak is coming from within your home, you should start the investigation from the lowest level of your house, i.e. the basement. After turning off all the faucets and taps, if you hear the water moving, then chances are that the leak is inside your house.

Step 4
Apart from searching for pipe leakage, also observe your pump. It is also crucial to note if your swimming pool is losing water at an irregular rate. That might also be an indication of a leak.

Step 5
If you have a backyard, observe if any area of your lawn is muddy or if any area has greener grass than other regions. Most people seem to know that if there is a pool in between your yard, then that is the only indication of a pipe leak. That is not the case always.

Step 6
If you identify an area where there has been a leak, dig that area slowly. Once you find it, turn off the water and then call a plumber immediately.

While doing Underground Pipe Tracing in Burbank CA you will be able to save a lot of money because any plumbing company will charge you a lot for tracing the pipes. A lot of the water gets wasted due to a pipe leak. As soon as you detect a leak, it is your responsibility as a human being to stop it at any cost. If you let the water get wasted, you are not only wasting your money but depriving people also.

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