Why are Laser Barcode Scanners in Demand?

by Ankita Awasthi Article Writer, Seo Analyst

Handheld barcode scanners have been a universal piece of equipment used in malls, supermarkets and warehouses for scanning goods and inventories and speeding up the work process. Barcode scanners have ironed out the manual input system that was in place for centuries and reduced the workforce.

Today, with the flourishing of different businesses in various sectors, the use of barcode scanners has expanded. From healthcare to entertainment to manufacturing, barcode scanners have played an integral role to smoothen the work process and replace manual data entry.

With the help of barcode technology, users can feed data on to the central information systems faster than through manual input and without any errors. While doing it manually, there is a high chance of 10-12 errors per thousand keystrokes. Whereas in case of a bar scanner the error generation is very less, maybe one error for every ten thousand scans.

Why is a barcode scanner important?

1.       Reduction of Errors: With a Honeywell Barcode Scanner 1900gSR-2USB in place, random input errors are long gone. After all, everything is now machinated. The scanner scans the code and the information is automatically generated on the screen. Where keyboard inputs generated frequent errors and was a hectic job, barcode scanners brought accuracy in the inventory business and errors became almost obsolete.

2.       Productivity: With barcode scanners in place, the workforce which were in charge of sorting prices and inventory control got curtailed. It saved time and increased productivity. Inventory tracking and security improved.

3.       Management of Assets: If you buy Honeywell Barcode Scanner 1900gSR-2USB online, you will find that you can manage your assets pretty well. You can just scan the number of a rack and get to know what inventory is in place there. You can also detect any theft in your inventory too.

4.       Product Awareness: With the barcode data, you can be aware of the inventory and provide better product statistics to your management. You can track the stock of inventory and make sound decisions about stock procurement.

Choosing a handheld barcode scanner

Handheld barcode scanners come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. Shifting to a barcode scanner is a great move and can ease the workload. The Honeywell Barcode Scanner 1900gSR-2USB price is within the reach of potential buyers. If you are planning on buying one, you should take into account some things.

Firstly, you should have a look at the light source. Barcode scanners use a variety of light sources, namely CCD scanner, laser scanner, image scanner and 2D imaging scanner. Laser scanners are the most preferred among the rest since they provide accurate and fast readings. Secondly, laser scanners are able to read the barcode from a longer distance than other scanners like CCD scanners.

Secondly, you should also look into the fact about how the barcode scanner is going to connect to your computer. There are a number of connectors, the common ones being the USB and the PS/2. You can easily find a handheld bar scanner on the online marketplace, but you have to take note of the above points before buying it. 

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