4 Reasons to use laser barcode scanners

by Raj Barcode Barcode Equipment & printers

Barcode scanners are ages old – quite ubiquitous.  They are perfect mode of convenience in such modern life.  Undoubtedly, it facilitates quick and feasible transaction – Just Scan and Pay avoiding the element of human error.  This barcode scanners have become a common sight in the world of Retail Departments, Logistics Management, Inventory Rotation and Automobile sector – purely omnipresent.

Let’s take a plunge and dive deep into to know why, today, these technologies have become such an essential part in every Industry.


Laser Scanners are highly effective and produce bright, sharp laser beams with an extraordinary grade of accuracy and reliability.

High quality laser scanners possess the quality to read and scan the barcodes even under harsh lights or in low light conditions.

This makes them feasible in use where the proportion and density of lights and space is quite limited like warehouses or storage containers.


In comparison to older CCD devices, laser scanners can clearly read the language of barcodes though located several feet away. This application is of utmost importance in retail sectors.

They can be used when there is necessity of producing high density scans on very small box or dot shaped barcodes, like the ones often found on tiny electronics or on any perishable objects.


The faster you can complete transactions, the lesser time they’ll stand in queue and quite happier your customers will be. You have often experienced this at cake shop, grocery stores, and super markets. You just need a barcode scanner to capture and store the information without any human error.

To your notice, barcode scanners also serves the crucial purpose when large number of items are being shopped and bought. Scanning from a certain distance or at particular angle can get it done smoothly.


Whether you have a store or a sky scrapping business model, laser barcode scanners are a worth addition to your daily requirement. They are very well designed for industrial purpose. They have multiple products with large no of batches.  They can capture barcodes within milliseconds and can persist falls and drops from a reasonable height.


How Barcode Scanner works


A Barcode scanner is basically an optical scanner that can read printed barcodes and decode the data and then send back to a computer. It usually comprises of three different parts - illumination system, sensor, and decoder.

To be specific, a barcode scanner first “scans” the black and white coloured designs of barcode by illuminating over that code through a red light.  This illumination is then converted into text matching. Basically, the sensor behind the barcode scanner detects the red illuminated light and generate a signal. This signal is further sent to decoder. The decoder interprets the signal, validates the barcode using the check digit, and then converts it into readable text.

This readable text is then delivered to a computer software system through barcode scanner. The computer software is basically the collection of all the information of an entity, cost, number of items sold and returned.

Barcode scanners are available in varied format depending upon the requirement of your industrial sector. Due to its unique quality of reading from distant space and zero human error, its usability has increased tremendously in every sector of Industry.


Some notable points to consider for barcode scanners:

Barcode scanners cannot read 2-D codes that are more dominant than 1-D codes. It also faces trouble with 1-D barcodes because they’re poorly printed, low-contrast, distorted, or damaged.

Laser Code position is always fixed but with few exceptions, 1-D codes must be scanned from left to right. Also, the scanning must be done consistently in one single direction.

One of the most considerable point is that Laser scanners are fitted with an oscillating mirror. Any break in moving parts may add handsome costs or replacement cost.  To your concern, they must be handled with care at the eye scanner area for users.


At first glance, all of this may seem quite convoluted but understanding this will help you to trace and maintain your application smoothly.  They enable quicker checkouts, a well-organized inventory management system and highly observable promotional campaigns. Stay tuned for more insightful contents. 

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