Tips to Install High-Efficiency Solar System for Home

by Ankita Awasthi Article Writer, Seo Analyst

Installation of the Solar home lighting system in present times is a wise decision. There are plenty of advantages of solar powered lights. From cost-effective to Eco-friendly, homeowner stand to gain most from solar energy. If you check out solar lighting solutions for home on the internet you will find plenty of brands and online portals offering you with best solar panels and solar inverters. To not to fall prey to the marketing tactics, it is essential to be aware of what exactly solar lighting system comprises and what you should look out for to make a smart choice.

Lighting Solar system for home consists of:

  • Solar Panels: Solar panels collect the solar energy and convert it into DC equivalent.
  • Solar Inverter: The DC output of solar panels is converted into AC equivalent for electrical appliances by the solar inverters.

You can also opt for a solar lighting system that has a monitoring system to monitor the performance metrics of solar panels.

The choice of the solar system for home mainly depends upon the type of solar inverter and solar panels. Here is what to look out for while buying solar lights for home:

There is more to solar panels than just quality and price.

While quality and price are sure two major attributes which have a prominent say in the final purchase order. Do not let it be the sole criteria when you go out to buy solar panels online. For solar panels, it is necessary that you take in account the Power wattage, power tolerance, size, longevity and quality certifications.

It would be a lot helpful if you take into consideration the amount of power that will be required to power the household appliances. Once you have a fair idea, accordingly go about selecting the solar panels which can support the power requirements. And for the prices, you will find online providers offering with high-quality solar panels at affordable prices. 

How to choose solar inverters?

Solar inverters in combination with solar panels make it possible to convert solar energy into electrical energy. At present, the types of solar inverters are String inverters and MLPE’s (Module-Level Power Electronics).

String Inverters are the most commonly used type of solar inverter. However, for large-scale installation of solar panels, it is advised to go for Central Inverter. String inverter takes input from each string of solar panels but, the Central inverter takes in a single input, fed by Combiner box, which is from all the solar panels installed to support industrial sites.

Considering the low-cost and high-efficiency of String inverters it is best for homeowners to opt for it.

On the other hand, the MLPE are efficient in areas where solar panels are partly shaded or cannot receive optimum sunlight due to improper angles or direction. Both Micro-inverters and power optimizer belong to this category and are installed on each solar panel. With Power optimizer, you will have to use String Inverter to convert the DC to AC equivalent.

When you go out to buy solar lighting solution for you home make sure to keep the above-mentioned points in mind. Also, do not act hasty and take your time to first check out the solar fans and solar led lights available online.

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