Which Wood Flooring To Choose For A High-Class Finish?

by Anna Eliza Business Advisor
Wood floorings look gorgeous after installation. With proper treatment of the wood, a proper flooring finish is highly achievable. Wood flooring looks stunning once it is done. Places that are rated highly in aesthetic atmosphere use wooden floorings that are highly glossy or stunning to look at. Although wooden flooring is not easy to apply, experts can handle such projects easily. Moreover, such highly artistic and precision-driven work must not be done single-handedly. A group project does a better job. 

There are a lot of engineered wood flooring services in Bedfordshire for you to choose from. Added to that, there are a lot of woods to choose from for your flooring purpose. First, let us discuss the type of wood that fulfills your purpose of having engineered wood flooring services in Bedfordshire. Below are the types of wood that can plausibly fit your need for a wooden flooring service.

  • Solid Wood(Hardwood): Hardwood is a product of milling solid wood. These woods are made either clean or painted. Clean woods lets you have your customized paint on it. A clean wood would allow you to have bespoke designs on it. On the contrary, if you find the perfect painted wood for you, it just saves your time and allows you to apply it as is.                                                       
  • Try calculating the perfect size and dimension you need to have for yourself. Then place an order for 5-10% more. While installing sheets like this, cutting and shaping along with sanding is necessary. Roughly an amount of 5-10% goes to waste while fitting the solid wood on your floor.                                   
  • Engineered Hardwood: Engineered hardwoods are not found naturally. Engineered wood flooring services in Bedfordshire is made such in a way that it imitates the movement of real wood flooring. Layered hardwood and plywood are stuck together with a medium-density fibreboard as a backup.                     
  • Highly engineered as they are, these guys can be highly stable and can block off moisture quite well because of their trait of mimicking real wood. Engineered hardwood can take up to a lot of pressure and tension than a regular solid wood board. Engineered wood flooring services in Bedfordshire are on the rise as days go by.                                                                              
  • Bamboo Flooring: Bamboo is treated in extreme heat as well as immense pressure to make a thin flooring layer out of bamboo fibers. This surprisingly becomes stronger even than oak flooring. You can easily rely on bamboo flooring technology as they are naturally very much tension handlers. Bamboo flooring has a lack in being heat-insulating and soundproof like cork flooring. However, it provides more strength than cork. Bamboo flooring can take up to a lot of tensile strength than laminate wood or vinyl. Bamboo flooring is installed as a floating floor that can expand and retract as per temperature. Bamboo flooring is somewhat waterproof. However, you will need to put floor wax to make it completely water-resistant. Try not to keep even the slightest gap that may invite some amount of dripping water in.                                                 
  • Laminates: Laminates are highly common these days. With laminate flooring, you get a waterproof, heat-insulating, glossy finish. Laminate flooring helps as these things keep your feet warm just after you wake up to a lazy winter morning. 

Laminate floorings are highly stain-proof. However, small scratches and dents may always be a part of your laminated flooring coats. Laminate flooring cannot be sandpapered. Thus, after you experience some swells, wraps, backrolls of your laminate floor, it is probably a better time to replace it with a new one. Most laminate manufacturing companies claim a 25-year life of laminates. However, given the density of traffic in a place can significantly lower the lifespan of laminates down to almost 10 years. Before putting laminate on, try checking some factors of that room. 

  1. Has to be used with delicacy. Not for heavy stepping.                                       
  2. Put laminate in a place where water does not standstill. Applying laminates on bathrooms, balconies, garden pavements can affect the laminate too much as these places hold the potential to make water standstill.                                   
  3. Laminate flooring should be able to stay there without rolling back. Try putting good quality adhesives for a better and longer lifespan for your laminate flooring.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Vinyl Flooring: Vinyl is also an option for you to choose from as these flooring mechanisms are too easy to handle. Usually comes in a “ready to stick” or “attach” type of format. Easy to use and easy to remove. Vinyl flooring feels great under your feet and lets you feel a shiny bright flooring that also adds up to your aesthetic value in your room. 

  • Vinyl is also great waterproofing material that repulses every drop of water. So you can easily fit these floorings on your kitchen, bathroom, balcony, roof or even on your pavement in your garden.                                                          
  • Vinyl is thin sheets that are glued to the floor. This way, even a damped floor can look new and become waterproof in no time. Vinyl is also manufactured in an interlocking way. Such that even a non-professional, with a little bit of common sense and guidance, can create the flooring themselves. Professional vinyl installation can take a good amount of charge. With DIY vinyl sheets, it is now easy and free to install vinyl in your home.                                               
  • Wood Alike Tiles: Wood alike tiles look like wood. However, they are not woods at all. With aesthetic value as well as economic of an option, let you have the appearance of wood along with the sustainability of tiles. Requires a lot lesser need of replacing than the wood itself.                                                           
  • Cork Flooring: Cork is obtained from the bark of a cork oak tree. The outermost layer is peeled with keeping a protective layer on that keeps the regrowth going on. Corks are easy to find and do not require too much processing for them. All that is needed and done is to apply the cork flooring on the floor above a thin layer of foam and then seal it off over the upper surface.

The bottom thin foamy layer ensures better insulation as well as good cushioning under the feet. The topcoat ensures water resistance in the cork flooring. Cork can be damaged due to high moisture or flood. This is why a cork flooring is advised not to wet wipe or thoroughly wash whatsoever. Rather, vacuum cleaners or just dry gentle brushing can do the job for you. Cork is also very sensitive to touches or pressure. Such is why heavy furniture can create permanent divots on them. Planning and making notches on the cork flooring for those furniture legs can save the flooring for you. Direct sunlight is majorly worse for the cork flooring. Being exposed to direct sunlight for a long and continuous time can fade out the cork flooring as well as make it deteriorate. Make sure you have the right type of flooring conditions before applying cork flooring. 

What To Remember While Planning To Have A Flooring?

  • Remember your purpose and what you are up to. Anticipate the days after applying your favorite flooring material. A lot of the materials mentioned above are reactive to moisture, heat, etc. Leave a gap of roughly half an inch by the borders if the materials you chose are reactive to heat and moisture. This will allow them to expand or shrink with need. However, also remember the purpose of your room. If the room is entitled to be used by a lot of people, the flooring must get dirty over time. So it will require frequent washes or wipes to make it look clean. Try having a washable material that does not react much with water. As an example, choose between laminates or vinyl for your bathroom, living room, etc.                                                                           
  • If you need, you might need to add wood skirtings in the room. This is to make sure every edge and corner looks aesthetically the same. To prevent cracks, gaps, or just a loose end in the flooring, wood skirtings are much in need.         
  • Use heat-insulating materials for your bedroom, drawing room, living room, etc. These rooms are not accessed by all and are subject to utter comfort for the homeowner. Also, these floorings need to be handled carefully. Having restricted access lets the flooring be fuss-free. Use flooring options like cork flooring, wood flooring, cushioned flooring, etc in rooms like this.                       
  • If you are applying hardwood, vinyl, or laminates or a floor that has a tough surface, do not forget to apply an underlayment product to maintain good heat insulation, soundproofing, and cushioning effect underneath. And try applying wood skirtings such that those loose ends or gaps do not show up. 

With Criterion Flooring, you are entitled to get every type of engineered wood flooring service in Bedfordshire you want to have. Be it laminates, vinyl, hardwood, or bamboo flooring. Every type of flooring agent is available to our inventory. If you want to have a bespoke size and design, contact us. 

Give us a call or just reach out to us. We are happy to help with every kind of query about engineered wood flooring services in Bedfordshire you need. Our dedicated customer service is happy to help you out with your queries.  Call us for a free consultation, book a service online, get a personalized free quote from us. Your favorite engineered wood flooring services in Bedfordshire has now gone online

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