A Summerhouse Guide & DIY Step-By-Step Guide On Building One

by Anna Eliza Business Advisor
A summerhouse is very much common these days. People love to build a house-like structure in their garden area beside their property. Summerhouses provide a small place dedicated to garden works, relaxation places, outdoor storage spaces, or just a place to have a domestic nursery. 

Difference Between A Summerhouse And A House:

However, building a summerhouse in Hull is entirely not as similar as building a full-fledged house. A house would need to have proper planning permission from the authorities. After which you must plan and build a house according to the approved plan. This needs actual construction works that require from excavation to building a house standing tall on the ground. Even building a house has a lot of restrictions that you must be able to follow. Except for which, it could be problematic for you to keep dwelling on the property. 

Let us say you have a house that exceeds the permitted height for the apex of your roof from the ground level. This might cause rainwater to flow down to the road. Making the road drenched. Or to your neighbor’s house. That sure is a problem we don’t need to discuss. Reckon your house exceeds the height permitted and it causes sunlight to get obstructed to your neighboring property. That could be a big thing as such obligations will not be handled lightly by the authorities.  

Summerhouse: In Details
Building a summerhouse in Hull is nothing compared to building a residential house. A summerhouse, made within the official norms and restrictions, can be built by oneself. A summerhouse is a structure that is usually a one-storied building with a very shallow level of the foundation. Such is why a summerhouse is not built for dwelling purposes. Instead, it is just a shed for indoor plants, storage space for stuff (as a storehouse), garden chores, a place to relax; these are the main purposes that you will need a summerhouse for.  

Summerhouses in Hull are usually a lot smaller than a real house. The size can depend on the free space of your garden. Usually, if there is a lot of space available to you, building a big enough summerhouse is no problem. However, with the least space available, you need both your garden and your shed. Such is when corner summerhouses come to play. Corner summerhouses are built in a small effective manner that both fulfills the purpose of a garden and leaves a space for the summerhouse in Hull. 

Types Of Summerhouse:

There are a lot of sizes and shapes of a summerhouse in Hull depending on the purpose it has to fulfill. However, the types all serve the similar core purpose of being a summerhouse quite effectively.
  • Contemporary Build: Contemporary summerhouses look sleek and stylish. With extended window panes, apex tongue, big glass panels, and groove panels make such type of summerhouse look stunningly beautiful.                               
  • Traditional Built: Gone are the ol’ days. Or are they? Traditionally built with Georgian windows and an apex roof; these guys will give off the retro feel that takes you back in time.                                                                                 
  • Corner Built: As mentioned earlier when you run out of space and still wish to build a summerhouse for your property, a corner-built summerhouse in Hull saves the day for you. Well, small as it is, these corner houses will let you inspect your whole garden from your summerhouse. Double doors or window doors are used to make the most out of them.                                                   
  • Log Cabins: Log cabins can be very sturdy compared to this list. Because of its interlocking pattern or design of apex tongue and groove panels, this type of summerhouse provides a lot of strength that can easily withstand any given condition of nature.                                                                                      
  • Normal Sheds: Sheds with very little downward extension to help protect rain or sunlight to get in can be a big help where there is much smaller space. Even smaller than the place needed for building a corner summerhouse in Hull. However, these are surprisingly more accessible and are used very roughly. 

What Can You Do With A Summerhouse?

A summerhouse in Hull can make a lot of purposes fulfilled. To build a summerhouse, all you need to have is some free space in your backyard. Summerhouses are typically storage rooms, in a nutshell. You can either store your gardening tools as well as other tools in your summerhouse. If you have plenty of space, you can opt for a log cabin or a traditionally built summerhouse to chill out in the noon after a long harsh winter night. Getting a tan from your house was never easier before this. You can also make it your observatory if the view over your head is nice enough. 

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build A Summerhouse?

Building a summerhouse in Hull does not need high expertise, to say the least. However, building a summerhouse can be hectic if it is a designer summerhouse. Given the fact that we are building normal summerhouses for regular backyards, we can stick to self-building or DIY summerhouse designs and procedures.

Let us have a look at the step-by-step guide on how to build a  summerhouse in Hull.

Check Whether You Need Permission: A lot of times, depending on the place you stay, governmental authorities might demand you to take permission before planning for a summerhouse. Generally, authorities do not ask for a summerhouse planning permission as it is seen as a temporary structure with no foundation. However, if you are situated near,

  1. Conserved places
  2. Historical sites
  3. Natural and heritage sites
  4. National parks or grounds

Then you might need to as for permission before setting up a summerhouse. Other rules regarding summerhouse building are, you need to keep the height of your summerhouse not exceeding 10 meters if it is 20 meters far from your original property(your dwelling house).

  • Choose A Ground, Anticipate With Intelligence: Of course, it is necessary and expected as well that you have already pictured a scene in your garden. However, it depends on the vacant place that you have in your garden. The place available for you in your garden can and will affect the size of your summerhouse. Works in both ways. Try using a corner summerhouse for small spaces. Or if you have even lesser space, opt for a normal shade in your backyard.                                                                                                                    
  • Also, try choosing a leveled and firm ground for the base of your summerhouse in Hull. As mentioned earlier, summerhouses do not have a foundation. Such is why a firm and leveled ground is needed with a proper drainage system to not let water standstill at the base of your summerhouse.                                          
  • Plan For Proper Decoration, Materials, And Overall Budget: Plan the decoration you wish to put in your summerhouse. Get the necessary materials that you will need. After all, try to estimate the budget that could cost you for the whole project.                                                                                                       
  • If you are planning for a nursery in your summerhouse in Hull, try estimating the number and type of plants you are willing to put. Also, try to keep a proper drainage system as well as a proper vent for air and sunlight to come in.           
  • Check About The Quality Of Material: Your summerhouse should be as strong as your will to make it. In the long run, it is about the quality of the materials that you are choosing to use that will determine the lifespan of your summerhouse. Remember to use almost weatherproof wood quality. It might cost you a bit high at first but remember, this is a one-time investment that is going to save maintenance costs in the long run.                                             
  • The wood that you are going to choose must have an interlocking facility that will allow you to build yourself a summerhouse in Hull. Except, if you can make notches and cuts by yourself, be your guest.                                                    
  • Plan And Execute: Lastly, choose the day and start your project. Take precautions and tools that will help you. Also, try to find a partner while you do it. Because two is always better than one.                                                           
  • Remember to finish the project in a day or two to make sure the summerhouse stays intact. Else, unexpected rain or too much heat and humidity can affect the interior of your summerhouse in Hull. 

Important Tips:

  1. Try finishing the project by the starting day itself or the following days. Except mother nature might intrude the summerhouse in Hull which you may or may not like.                                                                                                      
  2. Try to use the best quality, seasoned and weatherproof material. This way neither you build a permanent nor put up a feeble structure. Perfect summerhouse plans.                                                                                     
  3. Try following the rules and regulations of your place or authorities. The last thing you would love to do is to dismantle the whole structure after completion. Just because you missed a slight enough point. Authorities love to show their power to the helpless.                                                                                  
  4. Try keeping a good enough drainage system for both inside and outside of your summerhouse in Hull. Also, keep in mind the ventilation system. It should be enough accessible to open up and close at will.                                               
  5. Choose the best type of structure in your backyard. A bigger backyard can easily handle a traditional summerhouse in Hull. But a small enough backyard might only be able to contain a normal shed or a cornered summerhouse.          
  6. Try to keep your summerhouse away from the road. This is required in some places but doing it only helps you out as there are a lot of noises and dust coming off from the road. Nobody likes chaos in their summerhouse. A summerhouse is almost a vacation spot in their home.                                     
  7. Try to keep the windows or doors of your summerhouse south facing. This will let cool breeze and wind come inside the summerhouse. A summerhouse in Hull is not a greenhouse. Quite obviously.                                                              
  8. Know the path of the Sun that it crosses in your backyard. That way you can manage the sunlight however you want it. High or low.                                     
  9. If you put a chimney in your summerhouse, make sure it is in a safe place. As these structures are wooden, there could be a high enough possibility of a fire incident.

Lastly, it is your summerhouse in Hull, make it however you wish to. The only thing that you should care about is the legal legislation and boundaries you must abide by.  

If you still have some queries about how to make a summerhouse or just wish to talk to experts on this, feel free to reach out to us. We are “Hull sheds”, a fencing and decking company that are aware and well capable of quenching your thirst for summerhouse making.

Building a summerhouse in Hull was never easier. With us, you can sit back and relax and let the pros do the work. However, if you are going to DIY, we can surely assist you both verbally and physically. But that is totally up to you.  

Contact us to have a free consultation, get a personalized free quote online, or just buy our services. Your most reliable summerhouse production company is now online! We are happy to help you out with your summerhouse building queries and needs. We also have expertise in decking, fence panels, concrete posts, etc.

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