Why We Should Have Portraits Painted Of Our Pet?

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Pets are friends for life. Or at least, for their lifetime. We humans always feel very attached and close to our pets once they spend a couple of weeks together. It gets harder to leave and easier to live with them. Such is why their demise always hits hard in the back of the mind. Their loving memories, caring attitudes, both times of obedience and the times they messed up, we start feeling about them a lot. 

Pets can be hard to manage and teach. However, once they do, it becomes a lot easier for you to handle them or make them abide by the rules of the house. That is why a lot of people try to click pictures of them being good pets. This allows them to have the confirmation of their owner that the particular action is appreciated. That is when they start doing that job to keep sanity around and make the owner happy.

There are a lot of reasons why you should have an animal portrait in London of your beloved animal of choice, no matter the number of pets you may have.

Pets Are Life:

Pets take up a lot of space in our lives. They are small creatures in general, so taking up space in your house is never an issue. However, the way they take place in our hearts is a bigger deal. That is why their smallest movements make us go happy. The innocence in their face, their mood swings, demand for attention and time, makes us fall in love with them over and over again. 
Pets can be so relevant to our lives that they even start taking and playing roles in our daily routine. Bringing the newspapers, keeping an eye out for the intruders, making noises, and playing around us the whole day, lets them feel very much alive.
We love our families and it is a much common practice that people tend to have family portraits made or group pictures were taken as a memory. Pets being a part of our family, we should include them too in a family portrait.
Pets require the least amount of effort from their owners. However, that does not mean they do not require attention. They would give you back more attention and love once they find even the slightest bit of true affection from your end.

(Tip: Try ignoring or adoring some other pets in front of them, and they will let you know that they are not liking it, whatsoever)

Animal Portraits Can Be Effective On Your Pet:

Animal portraits in London can be a big example from your end that you love and take care of your pet. Pet portraits are generally big paintings and after you hang them on your wall, it is very much noticeable. Your pets may or may not understand your mouthings or words of affection, but they understand gestures and feelings. Making a big enough portrait for them only lets them feel how much loved they are in that household.
This to them is a form of love shown towards them. They will appreciate and jump off in joy almost as immediately as they see that portrait. Also, try keeping the painting hung up high enough, out of their reach. This will surely make the lifespan of that portrait have a longer lifespan. Pets may understand the gesture of love but they won't realize how to keep up with the picture without messing with it. Even a small form of bite and scratch can ruin the painting, to say the least.
Whenever you need to have a good portrait of your pet, the first thing the painter is going to ask you is a good picture of your pet. Or preferably, they can also demand a group picture of your family with your pet or just you and your pet. Also, remember to have a nice background for the painter to bring out the best in the canvas.

(Tip: Try going to any local park, playground, or scenic place to take a good picture. If you wish, you can afford a professional pet photographer assigned for a day to take cool pictures for you.)

Decorate Your Pet’s Room With Pet Portraits:

A lot of times, pets are provided with their dedicated room. Decorating their room might not be a big enough deal or a prominent demand for your pet. However, keeping playful and attractive objects in their room can make them feel active and energetic all day long. Keeping their portraits up high from their reach will let you decorate their room with their memories kept.
Letting your pet stay dedicated to their room gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility for their room. This also delivers a message to their mind that the room is only entitled to them and other pets or family members are not allowed in. You being a dog lover know already that pet likes to be adored exclusively.

(Tip: Try decorating your pet’s room with things that are not small. They have a bad tendency to chew over everything they find. Even keeping the animal portrait in London or several portraits out of their reach, helps those pictures stay intact for a longer time.)

Pet Portraits Are Also A Part Of Your Family Tree Pictures:

We all love our families. Quite sure about that. Such is why having a picture with them makes it a memorable event for a lifetime. The same goes for an animal portrait in London. Having a nice enough picture with them is only going to be added with family tree pictures. 
Reckon, all your ancestors had pets and they painted a portrait of them with their pet. And this rule has kept on till your father. Would it not be just the nicest thing ever that you are keeping the tradition up? Even if your ancestors did not do such things, you could be the first one in your family that starts with painting animal portraits in London to have a memory. 

(Tip: Paint two portraits of your pet. One with the whole immediate family and another one being a single or a portray with you. Use the first one to keep in your bedroom, living room, dining hall as a beautiful memoir. Keep the other one in your pet’s dedicated room for decoration purposes as stated above.)


People And Guests Love Pet Portraits:

Whenever some friends or relatives or any other guest come into your house, they look around and appreciate beautiful things kept in your house. Similarly, an animal portrait in London serves the same purpose as a beautiful piece of object decorated in your house. Guests do encourage and appreciate a pet portrait or a family portrait with the pet as a good piece of art in your house.

(Tip: If you wish to portray the picture intentionally to the guests, keep it in the living room. If you want to keep the picture in a private place or just wish to see the picture every morning you get up, keep it in your bedroom. However, no portraits are suggested to be kept in the kitchen as oil stains and other stains can potentially damage the portrait to the point of no return.)


Pet Portraits Can Show Your Love And Support For Pets:

There are a lot of stone-hearted people that abandon their pets to anywhere they feel like. Or some people wholeheartedly do not support pet culture altogether. 
If you are an activist against these people, having a portrait of your pet is going to pump up the courage in you and in other fellow activists you walk with. Pet portraits can affect anyone emotionally and mentally no matter if they are for or against pets and pet culture.

(Tip: Try putting a pet portray outside of your house just to let people know that there is a pet in the house or to show support to the people that love pet culture against those wicked hearts.)


Pet Culture Is Ancient:

Pet culture and pet portraits have been residing in our history. Primitive people also had pets as they could be used for carriage purposes. From the beginning of history itself, pet portraits have been existing. Cavemen used to portray their pets and their activities on the walls of the caves they used to stay in. Even they preserved some parts of their pets after their demise. This proves that people used to love their pets even in ancient times. Stone tablets and clay plates were mostly used to paint portraits of the pets.
Even in modern times, pet portraits came to their original exposure, once famous artists like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Charles Schultz started to create mainstream pet portraits of their pets. People got inspired after that and started to make pet portraits of their own.


Pet Portraits Are Cool:

Animal portraits in London can be pieces of home decor, things that attract people or increase aesthetic beauty in your house, a memoir for your beloved pets, and a message against pet abuse culture. You choose the role. However, a pet portrait can be portrayed in so many different ways, that these pictures can never be a waste of time, money, or space. Being a pet lover, you will surely find one way or another to make use of the portrait.
Try any portrait you want based on what pet you have. A dog portrait or a cat portrait is very common but adorable these days.

(Tip: Try not to use silver-colored paints that go dark in a few years. Also, try not to use oil paints. Oil paints tend to attract dirt and dust from thin air. Ask or consult experts, and they will suggest you with watercolors or pastels that can be easily cleaned even if they get dirty.)

As a pet portray painter, I also try to bring out the best in a loving pet. I try to make the pictures look as natural as the pets are. With my painting service, I try to deliver a beautiful picture of the pets in a way that can be purposeful in any situation. Pennie’s Pet Portais is a reliable name when you wish to make a portrait for your pet or have any queries regarding pet portraits. 

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