Where do Armed Security Guards Mostly Hired

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Everyone knows the security provided by an armed security guard is second to none. Their intimidating presence is enough to deter the criminals away because of which many people hire them to protect their business, assets and management. These guards can possess a handgun to more advanced automated AR rifles. Although, anyone can hire armed security guards. Some particular businesses tend to hire them more than others. This article will brief you about the various places or businesses where armed security guards are mostly hired.

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Why does a business ever need armed security guards?

The answer is simple, for efficient protection! There are different businesses around the world, and every business demands a different security level. For example, if a business deals in a normal grocery store with common household items, there is no need for extreme protection. Whereas, if a business deals in valuable items, such as jewelry or works with loads of cash, it can increase the chances of robbery or theft. As a result, they hire armed security guards to protect their business from theft and vandalism.

Businesses that hire armed security guards

·         Financial institutions

Financial institutions are one of the favorite places for criminals to rob because of loads of cash. Normal guards may help you save some money, but they may not offer security similar to an armed guard. Armed guards deter the criminals. Their presence, knowledge, and experience with the gun make them efficient in protecting your business. Seeing an armed guard is enough to stop criminals in their tracks.

·         Jewelry stores

Jewelry stores have been a major target for criminals for ages. With the rise in the market value of gold, silver and other valuable metals and gems, these precious metals can be traded for a good amount of money. Therefore, to avoid robbery in jewelry stores, the store owners hire armed security guards to deter the criminals in their way. In addition, they effectively guard the store and respond to emergencies immediately.

·         CEOs or higher management

Armed security guards are often hired by CEOs, COOs, and other top management to protect themselves from harm. These people are often targeted because they act as brains for their company and are responsible for taking the company to the next level to create a bigger change in society and make greater profits, which can be a hurdle for competitors. Therefore, to protect them, armed security guards are hired.

·         Hotels

Robbers and burglars often attack hotels as most of the guests staying in hotels are high-class people with a lot of money. Therefore, making it a good target. However, with the presence of armed security guards, they will be stopped immediately, and the guests will feel at ease and can enjoy their time in your hotel.

·         Museums

Museums are the places that showcase the remains of the ancient civilization of humanity and contains various artifacts, documents and gems which can be valued at millions of dollar. Therefore, armed security guards are hired to ensure these rare artifacts are well preserved and secured. They can effectively guard the place and ensure the safety of all the items in the museum.


These are the businesses where armed security guards are mostly hired. If you live in a chaotic neighborhood or have your business in such an area, you can hire armed security guards to protect and secure your business or property.

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