What Duties do Armed Security Guards Perform?

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Creating a safe and secure environment for employees and customers is critical for all business owners. Of course, you can follow several security protocols at your building, but there's nothing better than hiring armed security guards


Armed security guards are highly trained professionals that perform a critical function. They are on the lookout for illegal or dangerous conduct on residential, commercial, and public property. Whether you're hiring a security guard for a business or for any other reason, the main goal of all security guards is the same: to deter crime and report it to the police as quickly as possible.

armed security guards


What does an armed security guard do? 


Businesses hire armed security guards to perform various tasks such as monitoring security cameras, controlling building access, and handling emergencies in an effective and efficient manner. They are well-trained guards that handle every situation professionally and create a safe and protected environment for all. 


They are also armed with security weapons when performing their duties. However, these security weapons are not meant to be used on intruders; rather, they are used only for self-defense.


What are the duties of armed security guards?


The duties of an armed security guard will vary, depending on the particular role they are hired for. The core responsibilities and obligations, however, remain unchanged. These are some of them:


  •  Strong visible presence: 


A security guard's initial task is to establish their presence on the business premises. When a security guard enters a room, their goal should be to be seen by everyone they are guarding. This reduces the likelihood of crime to a great extent. When burglars, shoplifters, and thieves see an armed security guard, they will think twice about continuing their criminal activities.


  •  Continous patrolling: 


Employees cannot be expected to identify when something isn't working properly in the business environment. Security guards, on the other hand, have the training and experience to determine when a scent, sound, or sight is out of the ordinary and deserves attention.


Armed guards monitor the whole company area 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure the safety and security of employees and customers. Having an armed guard on the premises ensures that the workplace is completely secure and protected.



  •   Maintain order: 


Armed security guards are also hired to maintain order and crowd management at large gatherings such as event parties, product launches etc. This is for the complete protection of property and people, as well as to avoid fights, riots, stampedes, and other dangerous situations from occurring.


  •  Emergency Response:


Armed security guards are experts in emergency response. They've been given the tools and training to deal with situations more effectively than anyone else on the grounds. If an emergency occurs inside the business, such as a fire, they can offer clear guidance to everyone in the building and get everyone out swiftly and safely.


Bottom Line

Safety is crucial for all environments, whether it's a company, hospital, bank, or other residential places. So, to keep your environment safe and protected at all times. Visit our website today to hire the best armed security guards


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