What Is The True Meaning Of Past Master Jewel And Symbols?

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Freemasonry can trace its root back to the 18th century. It is great pride in being a member of this elite organization because of its long and rich history. People who want to become members of this exclusive fraternity are thoroughly scanned and go through various processes before being selected to be called as a Freemason. The person needs to prove himself on various grounds before being selected. Because of a very strict screening process, it is a great achievement to be officially called a Freemason.

Once a candidate has been selected to be a part of this brotherhood, he has the deemed right to wear different kinds of Masonic regalia. Wearing these regalia serve as a way to show the commitment and pride towards the brotherhood. Masonic regalia are available in a wide variety and in different designs and styles. Regalia are worn by members to exemplify the feelings of universal brotherhood that Freemasonry teaches.

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There Are A Variety Of Masonic Regalia Such As:

·         Aprons

·         Gloves

·         Cufflinks

·         Pendants

·         Pocket watches

·         Badges

·         Ties

·         Jewels and many more

There are three degrees within craft lodge Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason. 

Past Master Jewelry

When Freemasonry started, symbols were associated with each office. The officers started wearing symbols on jewelry and were almost made in silver. The lodge officer jewels belonged to that particular lodge and were passed from member to member as they entered and left the office.

A Masonic Past Master Jewel was generally purchased by the lodge. It was presented to the outgoing Master as a token of appreciation for his service as a leader. The outgoing Master wears his Past Master jewel on his chest at various lodge events that signify his experience.

When Past Master Jewel is presented, it shows that the Past Master has mastered all the secrets of Freemasonry. This jewel symbolizes that he is qualified to instruct other members of the lodge particularly in the noble science of Geometry. It signifies what a Past Master should be and what his Brethren expect of him.

Past Master symbols

The Past Master symbol is often seen and comprises of the Compass, the Sun, and the Quadrant and in some Lodges a Square also.

The Compass depicts that a Freemason is reminded to keep his actions within due bounds.

The Square depicts that a Freemason should conduct himself with morality, honesty, and virtue. The Square on the Past Master jewel is a reminder of the office he served.

The Compass when paired with the Quadrant can also be seen as a sextant. It is a navigation tool that is used to measure altitude. It symbolizes that the Past Master has navigated the course of his Lodge in the past and is also qualified to guide his successors.

The Sun symbolizes Light and Past Master is also supposed to serve as the source of Masonic Light.   

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