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All the Freemasons are quite aware of the great nature of symbols. From the very first teaching of preparing them for entering into the Fraternity, they have been taught with the help of symbolism. They discovered the comfort and meaning in symbols. In this write-up, you will know about the historical usage and meaning of the particular symbols utilizes to epitomize a Past Master of a Craft Lodge.

47th Proposition of Euclid Suspended by a Square

From today’s worldwide perspective, the most commonly used symbol of the Past Master contains the 47th proposition of Euclid suspended by a square. This symbol is put off from a square, to display that the Past Master has known how to make complicated constructions from the simple angle of ninety degrees. This is a representation of the wisdom and knowledge that has obtained by a Craft Lode Past Master from his service to the Masonry and Lodge.

Past Master Symbol – The Compass, Square, Sun, and Quadrant

It is the oldest Masonic Past Master Jewel that was used in this form in an expose of Masonry which was published in April of 1760 authorized as Three Distinct Knocks. Let’s take a glimpse of all the symbols of Past Master:

The Compass – This symbol is used to remind a Mason to keep all his activities within due boundaries of mankind.

The Square – It tells us that a Mason will keep himself honestly, with virtue and morality while being a member of Freemasonry organization.

The Quadrant – It is the arc, on which the compass rests, either beneath or at the position of the square on the known symbol of the fraternity. It also shows the angle at which the compass is opened. Actually, it measures those bounds of a Mason that are kept limited by the Compass and the Master is responsible to make sure that Masons under his jurisdiction are making utilization of their own Compass in a proper manner. If the angle of the compass will be opened at 60 degrees or making an equilateral triangle on the quadrant, then it symbolizes balance.

The Compass team up with the Quadrant could also be viewed as a Sextant, a navigation tool utilized to calculate altitude. The Sextant signifies that not only did the Past Master have to direct the course of his lodge in the past, but he is also properly qualified for performing so, and to give advice or assistance to his successors.

The Sun – It shows light and the Master of a Lodge is imagined to be a Masonic Light’s source. It also symbolizes that the Past Master has witnessed the sun at setting (the West), meridian height (the South), and rising (the East).

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