What is the Right Way to Clean a Velvet Sofa?

by Jeremy Thompson Web Marketer
Velvet is a rich upholstery which looks beautiful because of its texture but is difficult to maintain. A velvet sofa is a dominating furniture in the room and can become the focal point of your decor. You may covet that statement sofa in your living room but dread the times when you have to clean it.

This post has some easy cleaning tips which will help you to smoothly maintain a velvet sofa like it is a brand-new one and get rid of any stains and dust on it.

For pet’s hair, dusts and fuzz

A chronic trouble with velvet upholstery is that, it traps dusts and hair very easily and you cannot simply brush them off the furniture. As a preventive, you can train your pet not to get on the sofa. But this is something that cannot be absolutely maintained. Use a quality vacuum cleaner to thoroughly remove all dust and hair from the furniture. Velvet is prone to fuzzing and looks very unsightly when it gets fuzzed. Running the vacuum cleaner nozzle back and forth on the furniture can remove the fuzz.

Make vacuuming a regular habit to keep the furniture in best shape as it attracts and accumulates such dust particles easily.

Removing spills

Spills are unpredictable but a major hazard particularly for velvet upholstery. From water to cocktails- you never really know what might get spilled on your precious sofa. Make sure you dab and soak up majority of the spill immediately after it happens. Use a highly absorbent cloth or tissue towel for this purpose. If it is something that will not leave a stain, simply let the place air dry after you soaked up the excess liquid. If there is a chance of staining, mix a few drops of liquid detergent with warm water and apply it lightly to rub off the stain. Then let it air dry and brush the fuzz out in the right direction.

Lost sheen

Velvet is noted for its shiny and luxurious surface which is soft to touch and yet very durable. However, with time, accumulating dirt and utility together can make the fabric dull. To revive the lost lustre, direct a steamer on the opposite side of the matted area to make the fibres fluffy. Once it is dry, brush the fuzz and make sure it goes in the same direction. The shine of velvet is a major attraction of this upholstery and needs to be maintained well.

Professional help

Velvet is a tricky upholstery to clean all by yourself. Taking the help of professionals at least twice a year can ensure the upholstery is in good condition. If well maintained, velvet can last for years in the future. When you are cleaning the velvet sofa at home and focusing on individual spills, there is a high chance of discolouration in those parts of the sofa. A professional service ensures the entire sofa is cleaned properly and the uniformity of the colour is maintained. Professionals use water-free solvents to clean the velvet furniture so that it is in the optimal condition.

The above-mentioned tips will help you clean and maintain velvet furniture properly which in turn will retain the overall balance and beauty of your interior decor. If you own a velvet sofa, do ensure it is well maintained so you get the maximum utility out of it.

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