Why Does Some Jewellery Turn Skin Green?

by Jeremy Thompson Web Marketer

You may have bought a new piece of jewellery that you cannot wait to wear everywhere. So, you will obviously be distressed to find out that the piece is leaving unsightly algae coloured marks on your skin. Although this is something undesirable for everyone, there is no reason to worry. Stains caused by certain metals are fairly common and it can happen with jewellery belonging to any quality, although inexpensive pieces are more likely to do so.

This blog post has been written by Oren is Better, a leading jewellery buyer in Toronto. Read further to learn more about the subject.

Why does jewellery turn skin green?

We have all had to face an instance where a piece of jewellery turned our skin green and we wondered why it was happening. It is nothing for us to be concerned about as it happens because of the jewellery’s metal content and not because you are allergic to a specific kind of metal. It is usually a reaction between the type of metal of the jewellery and the acids present in your skin or between substances on your skin, such as lotion or soap, with the metal used. The acids in your skin cause the copper to corrode and create copper salts which are the bluish green substance visible on your skin.

This often happens with copper or other metals alloyed with copper such as rose gold. However, this isn’t limited to copper. Sterling silver and silver jewellery can also sometimes leave a dark stain on your skin as these metals also oxidize. Fortunately, stainless steel, white gold, rhodium plated and platinum jewellery are generally immune from stain issues.

How to remove jewellery stain from your skin?

The stains caused by jewellery are in no way permanent and are likely to vanish within a day or two. To speed up the process you can apply some make-up remover and wipe the stained area. Also, try exfoliating the area with a scrub or a soft damp cloth. The stain will be gone in no-time.

How to avoid getting green skin?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how high-end and expensive your jewellery is, your skin could be sensitive to the metal. For some people, jewellery made of sterling silver and gold can also cause discolouration. Preventing skin discolouration isn’t as simple as avoiding cheap jewellery. But, remember that cheap jewellery can also cause allergic reactions. For sensitive skin, the best bet is to wear rhodium plated and stainless-steel jewellery, as mentioned above.

Also, avoid having soap, lotion or any other kind of chemical on your skin when wearing jewellery that has a tendency of causing green skin. Remove all rings and bracelets before applying hand cream and washing your hands. You should remove all of your jewellery before taking a shower or when going swimming, especially if in salt water.

A coating of polymer can be applied on the inside of your jewellery. It can help create a barrier between the metal and your skin. A coat of clear nail polish can do the trick too. However, you will probably have to reapply the nail polish as the thin coat can wear off over time.

Jewellery stains on your skin are certainly undesirable, but it should not be a cause for concern. It can happen with cheap as well as expensive pieces. Be careful and keep your jewellery away from any kind of chemicals and water. For more information on the subject, contact Oren is Better, the leading jewellery buyers and sellers in Toronto.

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