What is Electronic PCB? What are it’s Different Types?

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What is PCB or Printed Circuit Board?

Printed Circuit Board or PCB is the traditional name for the bare boards which are used for mounting the components. A PCB is used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using different conductive pathways signal traces etched right from the copper tracks and features. More correctly, it is referred as PWB or Printed Wiring Board or Etched Wiring Board. 

Use of the term PWB or Printed Wiring Boar is more precise and distinct from the Printed Circuit Board. These days, ECB or Electronic Circuit Boards are used virtually but the simplest types of commercially produced electronic devices enable fully automated assembly processes which were not practical or possible in the past era tag type  circuit assembly processes. 

Different Types of PCBs:

Many types of PCBs are designed and developed for the different purposes. An expensive toy may use a single-sided PCB as the few components and small number of traces would fit just on one side. A larger circuit may need a double sided PCB that requires traces on both the sides for the purpose of making necessary connections. 

                                                  Panel view repair

There are complex circuits as well that need additional layers as well. A four layer PCB generally has two inner layers normally for the ground and for the power connections to the components. These Electronic PCB repair obviously cost more. In these inner layers broad planes of copper are meant for high-quality power distribution and for superior shielding against the noise. There are distinct PCB advantages over hand-wired boards. 

Laptop and desktop computers have plenty of integrated circuits with thousands of connections. These computers need a multi-layer printed circuit board that can have more than 40 layers and traces as thin as human hair. These types of PCB allow large, complex circuits to occupy just a small area. Though most of the printed circuit boards are made up of epoxy fiberglass and other materials like Teflon or phenolic paper they are typically rigid and can be fabricated of thin sheets of temperature resistant plastic which can be folded to fit in the small spaces.
Printed circuit board technology with high-density connection and the fine traces permits the use of smaller electronic devices for the more compact products. At its extreme, the passive components like that of resistors are somewhat larger than the grains of sand. Integrated circuits have hundreds of connections that are packed in a space and size of just a fingernail. 

Mass produced PCB are identical and they can be tested easily to diagnose the problem. All the PCBs have clearly defined components which are labeled right on the surface of the board and are important aids for the technicians. Panel view repair is more complicated. 

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