Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

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Lately, a new departure of bad habits have become in fashion. Unfortunately, whatever one tries to make it look not that harmful, electronic cigarettes are still harmful enough. Even though they do not seem to be so relatively to traditional smoking.

There is no denying that their influence and popularity grow at an exponential rate. More and more people smoke in not conventional way but using electronic devices. Walking down the street, you are to meet such people oftentimes. If you have never dealt with electronic devices, it is quite difficult to see the difference between them. They look pretty much the same. But how is it in reality? In practice, it is not quite so. This sphere is widely developed. The principle of work is different. Brands are different. There are differences at every step. If you are a smoker and you choose to smoke an electronic cigarette at some point of your life, there is a wide choice. To begin with, let us see the classification and make a simple comparison of e-cigs.


The first classification is conducted on shape factor. Size makes it to where a cigarette is comfortable to hold in one`s hand or not. Super mini are the simplest ones. They are no longer than 10 centimeters long. If a person does not smoke much, this is an option. Mini cigarettes go next. They are up to 12 centimeters. Then pen-style cigarettes called so because of looking like a pen. Their length is up to17 centimeters. Such a device may replace up to 20 cigarettes. This model is the most popular because they can be the most balanced. There are bigger options imitating pipes and cigars. They can be smoked longer but they are more expensive naturally.

Types of cartridges.

There are several types of cartridges applied for electronic cigarettes. Those can be small capsules containing sintepon sopped. More complicated solutions appeared later to meet growing requirements of smokers. For example, so called tank-cartridges are widely used. They are differ due to their good volume and flavor transfer. There are so called cartomizers, which are considered to be more advanced, they have an atomizer within. It is an important part of an electronic cigarette because oftentimes it wears out and deny in usage. Even though such solutions are more expensive, they help to insure besides reliably enough.

Application features.

Electronic cigarettes are different by application method. If it is manual, you simply click the button on the body of a cigarette and it makes it generate a vapor. Putting a finger away makes it to where vapor stops generating. There is also an automatic application. Vapor generates right after a person to take a puff. It senses by a special microprocessor. This, as “traditional smokers” say is convenient because of the process to be no differ from smoking a traditional cigarette even though it is less effective.


As you can see, it might seem at first sight only that each and all electronic devices are the same but in practice, the difference are more than visible. Probably in the future the diversity will become seen even more because of the market to grow actively, such gadgets are being in demand more, more and who knows what types will disappear, and which ones will appear. It is needless to say, that what you like is best for you. It is important to realize that maybe it is not that good of an idea to start smoking. Eventually it will cause negative consequences either way. Perhaps, instead of comparing electronic cigarettes, you need to compare smoking with other kinds of spending time. It is not a healthy lifestyle to smoke even an e-cig. It does not help to quit smoking but only makes the temptation higher. Remember it when you are to choose options for yourself.

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