What is a Hotel Reservation Software? 5 Best Hotel Reservation Systems For 2023

by Mycloud Hospitality Software Development

The hotel reservation system has become increasingly popular worldwide to facilitate bookings and deliver enhanced customer service. Often integrated with the hotel property management software, the hotel reservation system enables guests to book their stays directly with the hotel, with no intermediaries involved.

In this blog, we will learn about the hotel reservation system and how it works to benefit the hospitality industry. We will look at the reservation software used by hotels. Before we begin, let's first look at what we understand about the hotel reservation system.

What is a hotel reservation system?

A hotel reservation system is an automated booking procedure that exhibits a seamless booking process by syncing with the hotel's website and enabling guests to book their rooms directly. It captures the customer data into the PMS database in most cases if the PMS is integrated with the hotel reservation system. Hotels can share their availability through channel managers to online agents.

The reservation system contains room availability stats, rate, and inventory data and helps to manage online and offline reservations easily. Let's look into some of the key elements of the reservation software for hotels to understand how the hotel reservation system streamlines the booking process:

Features of Hotel Reservation System

  1. Synchronized Bookings: The hotel reservation system helps you keep track of booking and room availabilities and works in a synchronized manner. The software is inbuilt with a mechanism that consolidates all the bookings in one system and eliminates the chances of overbooking or double-booking.


  1. Email Services: The software sends automated emails to guests for booking confirmation and payments. Additionally, automated emails can be set up on the software to send email notifications to customers on promotional offers, discounted room rates, etc.


  1. Handling refunds and cancellations: An extremely efficient software, the hotel reservation software can handle refunds and cancellations and auto-updates the availability on a real-time basis.


  1. Seamless integration: Most hotel reservation software has integration features to seamlessly integrate with your hotel's property management system or any other system.


  1. Multi-language and multi-currency: Most hotel reservation systems have multi-language and multi-currency features to make the interface accessible and convenient for guests from all parts of the world. This will increase the hotel conversation rate and drive huge traffic to the hotel's website for bookings.


Now let's look at the perks of using hotel reservation software:


Benefits of Hotel Reservation Software


  1. Increased efficiency: With automated bookings, real-time updates through channel manager(ota), email notifications, and inventory management features exhibited by the hotel reservation system, hotels can effectively eliminate the cost of labor and invest in other marketable options.


  1. Savings on OTA commissions: When guests book directly through the hotel website, there is no need to incur expenses on commissions to intermediaries.

  2. Increasingly marketable: Hotel reservation software allows you to attract a broad range of guests. They can choose different room packages according to their requirements and use promotional offers.


  1. Increased Revenue Generation: One of the biggest perks of having an integrated hotel reservation software is that you can offer your guests the best offers, upsell them to suites or premium rooms, and cross-sell added services such as breakfast, spa, and dining offers.


  1. Flexible booking modifications: Travelers prefer flexible booking options where they can modify their bookings and preferences. With a reservation mechanism, you can make this process seamless for guests and ensure greater customer satisfaction.


We will now take a quick glance at the  reservation software for hotels that are used by hotels and have been trending in the hospitality industry:

What software do hotels use for reservations?

  1. mycloud Hospitality: With highly efficient centralized control, management, and data storage capabilities, mycloud Hospitality hotel reservation software enables hoteliers to manage their online bookings from multiple channels in one centralized platform seamlessly. With the following features, mycloud Hospitality enables hotels to streamline their booking processes:


       Centralized Room Inventory Management

       Centralized Rate Management

       Central Booked Thru

       Chain-wide Booking Engine

       Central Financial Accounting

       Cloud-based Property Management System

       Contactless Check-in Integrations for flexible booking


  1. Easy Innkeeping: Easy Innkeeping has quick check-ins and contactless payment options for customers. Being in the hospitality industry for nearly two decades, they have had quite the time to improvise themselves. Their accounting and hotel reservation software is user-friendly.


  1. Sirvoy: Sirvoy has a standard hotel reservation system that eases hotel operations. There are no commission fees involved with Sirvoy, and the interface is user-friendly for backend hotel staff to handle.


  1. Hotelogix: Hotelogix enables hoteliers to track their performance through KPIs to drive critical data insights and improve business performance. It also manages several aspects of hotel operations such as hotel ratings and reviews, front desk operations, housekeeping, e.t.c.


  1. Little Hotelier: Designed for smaller hotels, inns, or boutique hotels, Little Hotelier helps you manage your online bookings on a centralized interface, guiding you all the way, especially if you don't have the workforce to handle your bookings. The platform is perfect for low-tech savvy hoteliers to manage backend operations and deliver customer satisfaction.



Hotel channels are increasingly becoming more sustainable with improved functionality to reach out to guests on a broader scale and accentuate their guest experience. With hotel reservation systems in place, hoteliers can be self-reliant and have complete control over their room rates, bookings, and availability. This gives them greater control over their marketing prospects and helps them channel their USPs more authoritatively.

Mycloud Hospitality has the best-in-class reservation software for hotels if you are looking for a centralized platform that eases your booking and financial operations. With flexible check-in integrations and cloud-based features that ease backend operation, hoteliers can expect increased profit margins as they continue to deliver better customer experience.

Technological advancements are going to reform with time, hence hoteliers must keep their operations in alignment with industry standards to stay competitive. We eagerly hope that this blog will help you understand how hotel reservation software works and that you can use it for higher benefits for your hotel.