What Does A Motorhome & Caravan Maintenance Service Include?

by Jilli S. Consultant

Motorhomes and caravans have many parts that can wear due to constant use. It is paramount to check all the components for proper functioning and replace them when required. A typical motorhome or caravan servicing will include inspecting all the parts to ensure they are correctly connected to the vehicle and are lubricated fittingly.


During a regular motorhome or caravan maintenance service, the following checks and services are performed:


1. Examine all parts as part of safety inspection

Safety inspection makes sure the caravan is safe and equipped to undertake any long travel. Parts that undergo inspection include:


·      Connection cables for ground-fault protection

·      Fire safety – An RV must have a genuine fire extinguisher and smoke detector that works properly.

·      All appliances in the motorhome or caravan should function correctly.

·      Inspect brake wiring for loose connections or tears in the wires.

·      Electric brakes and park brakes cable adjustment and operation should work correctly.

·      Check if wheel nuts are tightly attached.

·      Check bearings for possible damage.

·      Headlights - Examine the headlights, right and left indicators, hazard warning lights, reversing lights and fog lamps. The glass lenses must not have any cracks and should be clean and clear.

·      Inspect suspension & control arm mounting bolts – Bolts and locknuts must function and be tightly torqued.

·      A-frame and chassis should not have any distortion, cracks or breakup of parts.

·      Shock absorbers - The locknuts of mounting bolts must be tight and must not have any leaks.

·      Battery connections – Batteries must be appropriately connected and charged.

·      Wheel alignment and balancing are essential every 10,000 kilometres. Also, check the tyre pressure.

·      The suspension needs proper lubrication.

·      Inspect the jockey wheel and mounting jacket for any damage.

·      Bodywork and windows must not have small gaps.

·      Inspect for link damage in the safety chains.

·      Springs – spotting of sagging, cracks, distortion or breakage

·      Tow coupling – coupling bolts locknuts must be tight.

·      Inspect water tanks for breaks or cracks to prevent leaks.

·      Inspect water system – Replace filters as required, and water should flow well.

·      All moving parts should be appropriately lubricated and connected safely to the caravan or motorhome.


2. Important Fluids

During the service maintenance of your motorhome or caravan, an inspection of fluid levels is vital - it includes brake oil, transmission fluid and engine coolant, and they must be topped up as required. Apart from the regular service, you can also do it yourself if need be.


3. Brake Magnets

Brake magnets are tested during a caravan or motorhome service to make sure they are functioning well so that you can have a safe journey. Brake magnets endure up to 50,000 kilometres of use.


4. Sway Control Safety System

A tilting rig can be very risky and may cause mishaps while on the road. The sway control system of your caravan enhances the overall safety of the rig by keeping the caravan aligned with the tow vehicle.


5. Awnings

Awnings are a vital accessory of a motorhome or caravan as they extend your living space when camping. So awnings are checked to ensure they can stretch out and contract seamlessly.

Also, they are inspected for damages and are adjusted when necessary.


6. Chassis

Due to overuse, caravan or motorhome may develop dents, cracks, scratches, chips, rust and exhaustion. And worn out chassis parts can appear on the chassis. Chassis maintenance is a must to avert potential damage and should be performed every one or two years.


7. Vents

There should be no obstruction in the vents. Vents are cleaned, and any dirt, debris or moulds are cleared during a maintenance service.


8. Seals

You’ll find seals on the windows, door and roof, which help avert dirt and moisture from entering. Due to ageing, these seals can crack, necessitating their inspection and replacing them as needed.


The Bottom Line


Your caravan/motorhome requires maintenance service at least once a year (every 12 months), even if it is not being used. Also, if you think something is not right with your motorhome or caravan, immediately have it inspected by an expert. It will ensure your motorhome or caravan remains in top condition and ready to move whenever you require.

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