What do you prefer: "true" or synthetic blood?

by Pie Chan Digital marketer

It reminded me of that genius born of the fertile imagination of the brothers Juan and Ernesto Padron, the most sympathetic and very Cuban Vampires in Havana! , released in 1985, six years before the release of The Southern Vampire Mysteries , a collection of books written by Charlaine Harris that inspired Alan Ball to create True Blood .

That Alan Ball arrived with the remarkable endorsement that represent American Beauty (AmericanBeauty) and two meters below ground (Six Feet Under), was already a provocative invitation to lean out on this HBO production in which vampires can move freely under the intense rays of the sun to find in True Blood (bottled synthetic blood) the brew that keeps them away from human blood. Within this group is Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), who with his mysterious past settles in Bon Temps, a curious town in Louisiana where lives Skokie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a waitress with telepathic powers (the protagonist of the Harris novels), and where most of the action of this series that began to be transmitted in September 2008 takes place.

True Blood begins when Sookie frees Bill to be liquidated by a couple eager to extract what runs through his veins: the powerful V, a blood that acts as a narcotic for human beings. This is how Compton meets Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Sam (Sam Trammell), respectively, the brother of his savior and the owner of the bar where she works, along with Tara (Rutina Wesley), her best friend, and the cousin of this, Lafeyette (Nelsan Ellis), who cooks and also traffics the fashionable drug.

Of course we could not miss True Blood the always effective love triangle that has as third vertex Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), the sheriff of the bar Fangtasia, where the integrating vampires meet, that is, those who can live in peace with people, but who are hated by traditionalists: those who refuse to surrender to "modernity", because theirs is "old-fashioned".

In his first season this dramatized that started with a low audience compared to other HBO proposals, but in the end managed to complete 80 episodes distributed in seven installments (ended in 2014), focused mainly on the passions that the clairvoyant awakens in her two pale pretenders, as well as in the growing number of brutal murders that arouse terror in the people and endanger the peaceful coexistence that existed between mortals and supernatural creatures.

In that way True Blood took off who, like her gender partners, take advantage of that fascination that these fantastic beings have historically generated, of action, blood and sex that cannot miss a fiction of this theme, to which is added the attractiveness of telling a story of intrigue and suspense, the love-hate relationship that is established between the three main characters, and the struggle that will be established in Bon Temps for the search for social acceptance. The most interesting thing is that at first it seems that Ball's essential goal is to make fun of those teen vampire series and movies so fashionable, and instead of a drama he presents us with a comedy of the absurd.

I recognize that at least in the initial seasons True Blood is fun and entertaining, thanks to that ability of the writers to keep the pace right and to devise a plot madness after another. However, there came a time when, in truth, they went their hand, especially introducing more and more characters and weaving more and more plots; as if they were not really clear where they wanted to take the series.

In this way, with the passage of the chapters, it was losing the north that in the beginning showed a somewhat different aesthetic. To this it is added that here not even one can give the pleasure of enjoying outstanding performances, that impress, that excite.

Of the leading trio is the Swedish Alexander Skarsgard, who achieves the most interesting performance, because the British Stephen Moyer does not have many records, but far exceeds who will be an Oscar for The piano and even a Golden Globe in the first season of True Blood: Anna Paquin. Could it be that he later lost enthusiasm? Because worse actress than she in that series would have to send it to look for (in the case of the men Joe Manganiello, like AlcideHerveaux, it does not find rival). It is the villain Russell Edgington, played by Denis O'Hare, who best comes out standing within the very rich cast.

Some blamed the obvious loss of quality that began to be seen in the TV series to the exit that occurred at the end of the season, Alan Ball, who by the way the same powerful television network recently supported to see the light Here and Now, with Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter, about a contemporary multiracial family that has adopted children in different parts of the world. But, returning to the case that concerns us, True Blood, we should say that a depth should not have been expected in it, which, in my opinion, would never appear.


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