What Are The Best Monsoon Perfumes In India?

by Dhanu Singh Digital Marketing Consultant
Finding an ideal perfume for the monsoon season can take your aroma to the next level. It helps in keeping bad body odour at bay. The right fragrance will enhance your personality and boost your confidence. If you are wondering what kind of perfume you must buy, here are some simple points that will help. These points will help in making your search easy for your monsoon perfume buy.

What Kind Of Perfumes Are Best For Monsoon?

Although you can wear any perfume in the monsoon season, some tend to last longer. Every season has a unique need for notes that goes well with your pheromones. According to the temperature, wind flow, and humidity, this needs changes. For the rainy season, a perfect perfume is the one that can survive extreme humidity. You will be sweating a lot during this month, a good rainy day perfume will survive all this. Try to get Eau de parfum types of perfumes as they have higher essence concentration.

A perfume that has low alcohol levels will survive for the longest. Alcohol helps perfume molecules to travel in the air with evaporation. Perfume types like deodorants and Eau de colognes with higher alcohol, evaporate fast. They will smell intense at first but will be wiped off your skin in no time. EDP has a higher perfume essence that sticks to the skin and evaporates slowly.

Apart from focussing on the type of scent, pay attention to the notes you will be wearing. Look for perfumes with citrusy, herby, and refreshing aquatic notes. Perfumes with notes of oranges, lemons, lime, lemongrass, peppermint, fresh grass, leaves of orange are ideal. You can also try scents with saltwater aroma, mint, cardamom, ginger, bergamot, neroli, and other aromas. All major premium perfume brands have options for these notes.

Best Monsoon Fragrances Available In India:

Perfumer’s Club Into The Wild Perfume: An enchanting herby minty perfume to make you stand out. The base is intense and has a touch of warmth. You can wear it during the day, around the year. This unique blend of notes makes it ideal for around-the-year use.

Perfumer’s Club Trendsetter Perfume: If you need an elegant citrus perfume with floral accords, this is the one for you. It has a gentle yet lasting aroma that stays all day. Spray some on your clothes and it will last longer. This perfume is perfect for everyday use in summer and monsoon.

Mural De Ruitz Chill Bleu Perfume : As the name suggests, it is all about chilling. Refreshing citrusy and minty notes with a touch of floral accords are quite soothing. There is an intense aroma of sandalwood and patchouli at the base which gives a lasting aroma. This is best for daytime use in summer and monsoon.

Lomani Do It Perfume : This perfume is the ideal monsoon fragrance. It has zesty citrusy notes with a touch of spice. It is tangy and flavourful with woody notes at the base. You will experience a boost in your energy with this perfume. You can wear it all day in summer and monsoon months.

You can try out these perfumes for smelling great in the monsoon season. It is best to stick with the Eau de parfum type of scent. They have a higher essence and lower alcohol concentration. This allows the perfume to evaporate at a low rate and last longer. Apart from these, if you want a more vibrant aroma, oil-based perfumes, parfum oil and attar can also be tried. You can buy them online in India at affordable prices. To try the scents before buying, you can also order samples and testers. Do not let the rain wash down your personality. Grab a good perfume and smell great all day even during monsoon season.

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