How to Keep the Fragrance of Perfume Long Lasting?

by Dhanu Singh Digital Marketing Consultant

Perfume does much more than just covering your bad body smell. It elevates your mood, relaxes your mind and keeps you energetic for the most part of the day. Whenever you are feeling low, just one spritz of your favourite perfume can elevate your senses. It is the perfect aromatherapy that can keep you upbeat for all day. However, there are times when even after trying very hard you are not able to get a long-lasting fragrance from your favourite perfume. This can happen due to several factors such as poor quality perfume, low fragrance essence, and so on.

If you have been facing this issue, these easy tips will help in enhancing the fragrance of your perfume making the scent long lasting:

-        Get good quality perfume: Always invest in a trusted brand known for its high quality when it comes to perfume. The ones selling on the streets are not good at all. They might be very cheap giving off a desirable fragrance initially but once you will use it the fragrance will evaporate within an hour or so. International brands like Lomani, Louis Cardin, English Blazer, and Colour Me offer long-lasting perfume for men with good quality.

-        Look for high fragrance essence: Perfumes are differentiated due to their fragrance essence present in the base. The lesser the essence the lesser the intensity of the fragrance. Eau de parfum has a higher essence as compared to eau de toilette, parfum de toilette, cologne and deodorants. If you want a Best Long Lasting Perfume for All time with a good sillage, you need to choose the perfume with a decent amount of fragrance essence in it.

-         Store properly: Even a good quality perfume can be damaged if it is stored in the wrong places. Always keep your perfume away from the wet and warm places like bathrooms. Keep them away from direct sunlight. You should store them in cool dark places like your drawer or cupboard. It will help in preserving the perfume molecules ensuring it stays long lasting and fragrant.

You should invest in international luxury scents that come with a promise of giving you long-lasting fragrance. Never buy perfume without looking into the details or trying out the testers. Perfume testers will help in ensuring if the fragrance of the perfume you are buying will be able to deliver what it promises. Be a smart shopper to get most of your perfume!

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