Make the perfume last long with these tips

by Dhanu Singh Digital Marketing Consultant
After investing in a great perfume with fragrance taking you to another world, poor silage can be a bit bitter experience. This can happen with all kinds of perfume, good or bad quality. Poor quality perfumes do have bad silage making the perfume last for only about a few hours, giving fragrance maximum for 2 hours. However, some of the good international perfumes can also face the same fate, but for many other reasons.

Why perfumes do not last for long?

There are many reasons that contribute in making your perfume evaporate or not smell good on you. One of the major one is poor body hygiene. When you just apply the perfume after gyming session without washing off that sweat, use it on outfit that you wore the other day or did not clean yourself well.

Another reason is using perfume with other perfumed products with different fragrance. This can also affect the power of perfume, making it last only for about few hours. When you are using different fragrance that collides together, creating a different fragrance, which does not resemble at all to the one you loved. It can happen with all the international branded perfumes as well as cheap perfumes.

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How you can make it last long?

If you want to make the most out of your perfume, here are the tips that will help you:

- Apply perfume on pulse points: You might have heard it several times, and will keep hearing it forever. Your pulse points such as neck, behind the ear, behind the knees, inside elbow and inside wrist. These areas emit heat, which makes the perfume spread evenly creating a fabulous fragrant aura around you.

- Moisturise well before applying: Before spraying on the perfume, make sure that moisturise your skin well. Perfume does not stick properly on the dry skin. Apply a generous coat of moisturiser or Vaseline right after taking bath. Just make sure to use non-perfumed moisturiser while doing so. Moreover, this tip applies to both men and women!

- Use fragrant products carefully: If you are someone who loves perfumed products and a good perfume too, make sure to use them wisely. Sometimes using different fragrances can contradict with each other creating a whole new fragrance which you might not like. Therefore, it is better to use fragrant products, which has similar fragrance creating a layer. This makes the perfume stay on for long.

- Apply on clean skin: Before applying the perfume, make sure that you have cleaned the surface well getting rid of all kinds of dirt, sebum or other things. This is the reason why people are generally advised to spray on perfume right after taking bath when they are clean.

You can also make your perfume last long by following these tips. You will be amazed by how long your favourite international fragrance stays on without altering the scent.

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